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Academic Support Center

The mission of the Academic Support Center is to help students develop and strengthen the skills necessary to attain their academic goals.  Through collaboration with students, faculty, and staff the  ASC supports students in becoming independent, life-long learners in an accessible, student-centered  environment.  We facilitate the development of learning strategies and skills in partnership with peers  and professionals through tutoring, academic coaching, supplemental instruction, academic courses, and other learner-focused services.

Disability Services

Learn about our disability services here.

Academic Support Center Courses

The Academic Support Center offers courses in basic math, intensive writing, and college reading and study skills. See the courses in the catalog here.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers walk-in hours and a variety of services to help you write essays, research papers, compositions, and more. We offer:

  • Help with any part of a writing assignment
  • Advice on how to identify and target recurring problems in your writing
  • Resources such as handouts, references, and exercises
  • A friendly work environment
  • A good listener if you'd like to try out an idea

To prepare for a session with Writing Center staff, you should bring your assignment; a draft on paper or saved electronically if you'd like to work with a consultant at our computers; your notes, outline, or pre-writing; and your ideas and questions. We won't proofread or grade a paper for you, but we're happy to work with you on your writing.

Walk-in Hours (no appointment needed)

Click here for a PDF of the Writing Center hours. If you need help please contact Penny Sens or Regina Kengla.


If you'd like to make an appointment, email us at writingcenter@otterbein.edu. Appointments must be made at least three (3) days in advance. Check the schedule for appointment times, select a time that's convenient for you, email us, and we'll confirm that the time you chose is available.


We invite you to contact us at writingcenter@otterbein.edu with short, specific questions about your writing. We'll respond to you within 48 hours, Monday through Friday. It is important to keep in mind that we cannot read and respond to whole essays sent to us by email. If you would like to discuss an entire essay, we encourage you to visit us in the Writing Center. Schedule an appointment or stop in during our open hours.

Questions sent by email need to be specific and focused. Examples of questions that we can answer in response to your email:

  • Please take a look at my introduction. Does my thesis seem clear and functional?
  • How do I write a work-cited entry in MLA style for a personal interview?
  • Here is one of my supporting paragraphs. Are my quotations incorporated and my in-text citations correctly formatted in APA style?
  • How do I footnote in Chicago style?

Math Lab

The Otterbein University Math Lab provides free, drop-in tutoring to support coursework in several math courses. There is no appointment necessary to get the help you need. 

Math Lab Hours of Operation/Courses Tutored
Click here for a PDF of the Math Lab hours of operation and a list of courses for which help is provided. A new schedule is printed each semester and copies are also available in the Math Lab. 

Math Lab Location
The Math Lab is located on the second floor of Courtright Memorial Library.  (In the far back on the right)

Questions concerning the Math Lab? 
Contact Beth Derringer, Math Coordinator, 614-823-1823, bderringer@otterbein.edu
         or Penny Sens, Academic Support Center, 614-823-1610, psens@otterbein.edu

Content Area Tutoring

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides peer tutoring free of charge to Otterbein students in all content areas except Modern Languages & Culture and Music (the departments provide tutors for these disciplines).  All tutoring takes place in Courtright Memorial Library and students may receive up to 3 hours of tutoring per week for each course. 

Qualifications of peer tutors:

  • Recommended by instructors
  • Earned an A or B in the courses they tutor
  • Possess strong content knowledge, study strategies, and communication skills
  • Hired, trained, and supervised by the Academic Support Center

Tutors help students clarify course content and refine their academic skills through individual or small group sessions.  Tutors work with students to help students become successful, independent learners.  During sessions students and tutors may:  review class notes, texts, or homework problems; complete practice problems or exercises; discuss course content; create study materials; or develop manageable study plans for tests, quizzes, and projects.  Tutors do not correct homework problems or proof essays.

Students meet with tutors to:

  • Clarify course content and ask specific questions
  • Practice applying and integrating course concepts
  • Review material by explaining course material to the tutor
  • Ensure the regular study of material by scheduling a weekly appointment
  • Fight procrastination by structuring regular study time for a course

Once students submit the request, they will be contacted via email by the appropriate tutor within 48 hours to schedule the initial tutoring appointment.  The message from the tutor will ask what the student would like to cover during tutoring sessions and offer several options for meeting dates and times. 

In rare cases the ASC may be unable to find a tutor for a particular course.  When this occurs, the student requesting the tutor will be notified and is encouraged to use the instructor’s office hours to review course content.  In addition, students can work with an ASC staff member to explore effective study strategies and create study plans.

Students using ASC tutoring are expected to:

  • Know what they want to cover.  Bring pertinent texts, notes, assignments and--most of all--your questions.  The more specific your purpose, the more on target a tutor can be.
  • Attend all class sessions.  Your notes from class are the best resource on course content and determining exactly how your instructor is prioritizing the information.
  • Complete all assigned reading prior to the tutoring appointment.  This will give you the necessary foundation to talk about the material with your tutor.
  • Attempt the homework questions or assignment before you meet with your tutor.  This will help you identify the specific areas you need help with.
  • Create a plan for how you want to spend the time in your tutoring session.  If you take control of the session format you will receive the assistance you want more quickly than if your tutor sets the agenda.
  • Schedule your next appointment at the end of each session.  Regular review is the key to understanding course information.
  • Arrive to appointments on time.  If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify your tutor at least 24 hours in advance.

Please contact Penny Sens or Kristy Drobney in the ASC if you have questions about tutoring or need additional assistance.

Tutors in music and foreign languages should be arranged directly through those departments. Please contact Music at (614) 823-1508 and Modern Languages and Cultures at (614) 823-1361.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions in targeted courses for students taking historically difficult courses. SI is provided for all students in those courses who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades. SI gives students the opportunity to get together with classmates to compare notes, discuss concepts, develop study strategies, and test themselves before the professor does. An SI leader, who is an ASC instructor or a competent upper-level student, guides students through the material. Attendance is voluntary. Click here to see the latest SI list (PDF).

/ Contact

Courtright Memorial Library, 2nd Floor


Office Hours
M- F:  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

p / 614.823.1610
f / 614.823.1983

Kristy Drobney
p / 614-823-1362
e / kdrobney@otterbein.edu

Beth Derringer
Coordinator, Math Support Services
p / 614.823.1823

Penny Sens
Administrative Assistant
p / 614-823-1610
e / psens@otterbein.edu

Regina Kengla
Reading/Writing Specialist
Academic Support Center
p / 614-823-1883
e / rkengla@otterbein.edu


Kera McClain Manley
Coordinator of Disabilities Services
p / 614-823-1618
e /