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Ask an Advisor

Dear ask an advisor,

I’m thinking of dropping one class. How many credit hours do I need to keep my scholarships and loans?

Sincerely, Dropper

Dear Dropper,

You must maintain at least 12 credit hours per semester to keep your full-time status as a student. However, keep in mind that the typical credit load, to graduate on-time, is 16. 

Have you already missed the “Add a class” deadline, or could you still add another class to replace the one you are thinking about dropping? Have you spoken to your academic advisor about this decision? You will also want to check with Financial Aid to determine how this will impact your Financial Aid package. The Center for Student Success can also provide supplemental advising, once you have spoken to your academic advisor. If you do decide to drop, make sure that you meet the deadlines listed on the Registrar’s page. Keep in mind that you may need to take an extra class during another term to stay on track to graduate on time if you do drop the class. However, if you feel strongly that you cannot succeed in this class this semester, and the drop deadline has not passed yet, go ahead with the drop procedure. It is better than failing the class, if that is the only alternative.

Good luck!


Dear Ask an advisor,

I still have my advisor in my old department, but I’ve changed my major this year. Now I want to change academic advisors. How can I do that?

Sincerely, Changeroo

Dear Changeroo,

Switching advisors is very easy. Do you have a professor in mind in your new department with whom you’d like to work? Select someone, then pick up a Change of Advisor form in the Registrar’s Office (basement of Towers) OR download it off of the Registrar’s website. Both you and the NEW advisor (not the old one) must sign the form verifying the change, and then you turn it back in to the Registrar’s Office. If you don’t know who you’d like to be your new advisor, you can just ask to be assigned someone in your new department.

Good luck!


Dear Ask an advisor,

This is my first year at Otterbein, and I am feeling lost. How can I meet people?

Sincerely, Lost in the crowd

Dear Lost in the crowd,

It is normal to feel a little lost your first year of college. However, Otterbein has great resources for new students. What are you interested in? There are many student groups for everything from intramural sports to Greek Life to volunteer organizations like Cardinal Corps. Getting involved can help you meet people. The Center for Student Involvement may have suggestions (x3202) Have you been attending any of your hall’s activities? Those can be a good way to meet other first-year students. You might also try making friends to study with in some of your classes. Try making plans with class or hall-mates to attend lectures, campus activities or sporting events together on campus. Plan to eat a meal, study at the library or do a work-out with other first-year student regularly so that you don’t feel so lonely.

Good luck!


Dear Ask an advisor,

I am a freshman, and I am feeling really overwhelmed. My classes are so much harder than high school. What should I do?

Sincerely, In over my head

Dear In over my head,

First of all, take a deep breath. Otterbein has many resources that can help you to make the transition from high school level work to college level work. Have you met with your professors during their office hours, to see what suggestions they may have for how to better prepare for class/do homework/study? Have you looked into meeting with a tutor? The Academic Support Center can help connect you with a tutor. Have you talked to your academic advisor? They can often give you tips on how to stay on top of your schoolwork as well. The Center for Student Success can also offer you supplemental academic advising. If your feeling of being overwhelmed does not change, perhaps meeting with a Counselor and talking about your anxiety would help.

Good luck!

/ Center for Student Success

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