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Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are inquiry groups (or "communities of practice") of 5-12 faculty and professional staff members who meet bi-monthly to learn about a topic of shared interest related to teaching and learning in a collegial and supportive context. In addition to an annual cohort learning community for new faculty members, past PLC topics have included teaching writing, undergraduate research, the first-generation college student experience, issues of diversity in teaching and learning, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Professional Learning Communities for 2013-2014
2013-14 New Faculty PLC
2013-14 Equity Through Inquiry PLC, PLC application

A model community flourishes when it is an open and diverse one. On its face, this is an inarguable claim. But to *be* a model diverse community requires first a candid grappling with the structural and human obstacles to openness and inclusiveness. Only such a grappling can produce a community whose attitudes and practices are worthy of emulation.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is thus pleased to invite participants to join a 2013-14 Professional Learning Community (PLC) devoted to the study and discussion of bias (in both its overt and covert forms).

This PLC shall seek to build on the June 2012 Report of the ad hoc Commission on Diversity and Inclusion (created by President Krendl in November 2011 and charged with examining environmental factors and organizational culture in order to create a multi-year plan for Diversity and Inclusion at Otterbein), and on questions being pursued as part of the National Science Foundation Institutional Transformation Advance Grant "Equity Through Inquiry" (whose Principal Investigators are Drs. Michele Acker, Sarah Bouchard, and Carrigan Hayes).

The PLC will be limited to 8-10 members. It will meet monthly and will also have an online space for interaction between meetings. The community will determine the focus for any discussions, shared readings, or other explorations as we learn together.

Members will also have the opportunity to travel as a group to the POD Network conference in Pittsburgh, PA, November 6-10, 2013. The conference theme isFreedom to Connect — Freedom to Risk — Freedom to Learn, and there are many sessions devoted to issues of equity and diversity and leading organizational change. For more information about the conference, see POD Conference details

Professional Learning Communities for 2012-2013
2012 New Faculty PLC
2012-2013 iPad PLC

Professional Learning Communities for 2011-2012
New Faculty PLC
iPad2 PLC

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