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Student Research Fund

The Otterbein Student Research Fund (SRF) grants awards to enrolled Otterbein undergraduate and graduate students. There are two primary categories of awards:

  • The Student Research Award supports up to $400 for costs associated with research and other scholarly and creative endeavors.  
  • The Student Presentation Award supports up to $400 for costs associated with travel to a conference to present research or creative work. 

The primary purpose of a Student Research Award is to defray the costs of student research and other scholarly and creative endeavors in pursuit of a degree from Otterbein University. The selection process for the awards is competitive. Applications are evaluated by the Student Research Fund Committee, comprised of faculty members. They will consider each application for completeness and adherence to the guidelines.

All student research projects must be consistent with the definition and standards of scholarship established by the department of the project’s discipline.

I. Applying for a Student Research Award

Complete and detailed information about applying for a Research award can be found here.

II. Applying for a Presentation Award

Complete and detailed information about applying for a Research award can be found here

III. General Eligibility for Research and Presentation Awards
All enrolled Otterbein students are eligible for SRF awards. All Otterbein students, including seniors and graduate students in their final semester, may apply for SRF awards. For more information see eligibility details under Research or Presentation Awards

Seniors and graduate students in their final semester may apply for SRF awards:

  • Research awards must be spent before the end of the first semester after graduation. 
  • All students are eligible for a Presentation Award as long as the conference has accepted the presentation. For seniors and graduate students in their final semester, awards must be spent before the end of the first semester after graduation. For example, if a student graduates at the end of the Spring Semester, then the student must (1) submit the paper to a conference prior to the graduation date and (2) present the paper prior to the start of the Fall Semester.

IV. Award Limitations

V. IRB and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
 Students must adhere to Otterbein’s process for approving research conducted with humans and animals. Applications may be submitted while the IRB or IACUC reviews are pending; successful awards will be conditional until the IRB or IACUC approvals are received. 

VI. The faculty advisor’s role in SRF

  • Support letters:  Students are required to submit a letter of support from a faculty member who will advise them on their research. Your support letter must address your opinion about the student’s proposal and capability to complete the research. 

  • Faculty Advisor named on cover sheet: Faculty Advisors named on the student’s cover page will be asked to attest to purchases and relevant research expenses by signing all expense reports and reviewing the student’s final abstract.

VII. Application Requirements, Reimbursement for Expenditures, and Final Reports

  • Full budgets for all activity (Research and Presentation Awards) are required to ensure that the SRF Committee can reduce funding inequity between departments.
  • Expenditures will be reimbursed based on clear and accurate accounting with receipts to back up the claim for the expenditure.
  • Students are not required to submit a final expense summary, but ARE required to write “Final” on the final payment request.
  • Students are required to send a 200 word abstract to sum up their progress on the Research Award or describe the presentation at the conference for the Presentation Award.  The Office of Sponsored Programs will keep detailed expense records and will forward abstracts to the appropriate divisions and departments at Otterbein. 
  • Awards must be used within 24 months or by the date at which the student is no longer fully enrolled, whichever comes first.

Multiple participants

  • The SRF Committee recognizes that several students may be researching similar aspects of the same project.  Students and their advisors must clearly define how each project is separate and does not overlap. 
  • Several students may apply for one award. All students will be recognized for their achievement at the end of the academic year. Although one student will be named on the account for the award, each student must sign the application form and requests for reimbursement.

  • Multiple students presenting at the same conference: If several students from one department will travel to the same conference and share costs, and there is no expenditure unique to one student, it is preferred that the Department submits one budget that names all students and demonstrates any matching funds. Each student will be required to complete a Presentation Award application to submit with a copy of the Department-prepared budget. In the case of a multiple application, no student will be awarded more than $400. The responsible faculty member will be responsible for filing an expense report with their departmental assistant who will verify all receipts before reimbursement. 

VIII.  Proposal Deadlines
For both award types there will be two deadlines each semester. Proposals will be due by 4:00 PM Thursday on the dates indicated below. Plan carefully! Apply early in the semester for Presentation Awards, even if the acceptance for your presentation has not yet been received.  All proposals must be submitted in person to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

  • No requests for retroactive funding are eligible, therefore make sure to apply for funds prior to beginning your research activity.
  • Students may apply for only one research award and one presentation award per project during the academic year.
  • Students will receive only one Research Award at a time. A Presentation Award may overlap a second Research Award for another topic, but a student may not apply for a second Research Award until the first is completed.
  • The SRF Committee will make one of four determinations regarding  your proposal:
    • Approval
    • Approval, with conditions.
    • Decline, with encouragement to reapply with revisions.
    • Decline to fund.

Deadlines for SRF Proposals are as follows:

  • 2015-2016: September 10, November 12, February 11, April 14

The last deadline of the academic year will have the least amount of funding available.

/Office of Sponsored Programs

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/ Staff

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