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Majors and Minors

Photo of a female student working in the Otterbein greenhouse

Individual Interests, Shared Opportunities

The faculty of the Department of Biology and Earth Science seek to educate students in critical thinking and problem solving; expand students' views of the world around them; prepare students for graduate school and careers in the sciences; and give students professional, hands-on experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Our professors frequently partner with students on research and take students to professional conferences. No matter what major you choose to pursue in Biology and Earth Science, you will benefit from these opportunities and more.

Biology & Earth Science Minors

Biology Minor
Otterbein offers an exciting biology program that provides students with a strong foundation and prepares them for a wide variety of endeavors after graduation. Recent graduates have pursued careers in environmental science, field biology, genetic counseling, forensics, or in the biotechnology industry.

Earth Science Minor
Earth Science examines all aspects of the planet earth including rocks and minerals, natural resources, landforms, oceanography, and the history of the planet and its forms. The minor helps prepare students for graduate programs in ecology, environmental sciences, and environmental studies.

Sustainability Studies Minor
Sustainability Studies is the study of human interaction with the environment, which includes the natural and built environments and the relationships between them. The Otterbein Sustainability Studies program uses a multidisciplinary approach to explore environments, to understand environmental issues, and to work toward developing realistic solutions that promote the sustainability of our planet.

/ Department of Biology and Earth Science

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