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Majors and Minors

Photo of the entrance sign and a female student dressed in regalia with a horse.

Equine Science Majors and Minor

  • Equine Business Management

  • Equine Preveterinary Medicine/Pregraduate Studies

  • Equine Veterinary Technology

  • Equine Studies Minor

Requirements for all Equine Science Majors

Equine Experiential Courses
Photo of instructor showing students how to examine horses' eyesAll equine science students attend two scheduled equine experiential courses to increase proficiency in a variety of areas. Topics include novice bandaging, wound care and medical bandaging, forage evaluation, tractor maintenance, injection techniques, jump course design, body condition scoring, horse trailer driving, and career opportunities in the equine industry.

By special permission, upper-level preveterinary medicine students may also attend the "Medical Rounds" Practicum at The Ohio State University University of Veterinary Medicine.

Service Learning
A service-learning project is required of all majors. Students have the opportunity of working with physically or mentally challenged riders, 4-H groups, inner-city children, animal humane societies, or groups requiring knowledge of safe horse handling.

Equine Activities
All students in the Department of Equine Science participate in designated equine activities with which Otterbein University is associated, such as horse shows, clinics, and guest lectures.

Program Fees
Some Equine Science courses require an additional class fee. See the fee schedules on the Business Office site.

Grade Requirements
A minimum grade of C is required in all the required courses for the Equine Preveterinary Medicine/Pregraduate Studies major and the Equine Veterinary Technology major. If a grade lower than C- is earned, the course must be repeated in order to enroll in subsequent courses.




/ Department of Equine Science

The Austin E. Knowlton Center for Equine Science is located at 600 N. Spring Rd., Westerville. Mapquest directions.

At the Knowlton Center

Wendy Hovey, Administrative Assistant
p / 614.823.3020
f / 614.823.1585
e / whovey@otterbein.edu

On Campus
Donna Rhodeback, Administrative Assistant
p / 614.823.1517
f / 614.823.3042
e / drhodeback@otterbein.edu

/ Virtual Tour

Visit the Knowlton Center for Equine Science in Otterbein's Virtual Tour.

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