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OtterFit Program

The OtterFit Health and Fitness Program is an opportunity for the faculty and staff of Otterbein University to use the services of a Health Promotion and Fitness major as their personal trainer, participate in group training classes and enhance wellness through educational programming and events.

Registration for the 2015 Summer Cardy-O FitBit Program is Open Until May 15.

Commit to Be Fit with OtterFit this summer! This program is open to all Faculty and Staff, with funds allotted for 50 new participants to purchase FitBit Flex devices and is also open to any faculty and staff member who already has a FitBit.  Participants without a FitBit Flex will contribute $30 (via salary deduction by Human Resources) to the total cost of the device, in addition to the University subsidy (retail value $99.95).  Daily steps will be tracked, with individual weekly goals given to each participant.  The incentive program will run from June 1-August 10, with a drawing for two $25 visa gift cards at the end of the program.  Weekly updates will be sent to participants throughout the program as well.

  • FitBit Registration Form To register, complete the form and either email or send via campus mail to Erica Van Dop (HSS/Rike Center).  If you already have a device, please email Erica to be added to the incentive program.

Contact Erica Van Dop with questions or for more information.

Programs Offered

  • OtterFit RobertOtterFit Group Training Classes
    Classes designed specifically for faculty and staff, conducted by certified student personal trainers, will target your entire body in an energetic environment. An updated class schedule will be available in August for the 2015-2016 school year. 
  • OtterFit Cardy-O
    Cardio-based program specifically designed for individuals who are on the go.  A FitBit Flex will be used to track physical activity in this new program.  Upon registration, a one-time $30 fee will be withdrawn by Human Resources from your paycheck and you will receive a FitBit Flex (retail value $99). To be a part of the program, simply wear the FitBit, join the virtual campus community through FitBit and sync your device weekly. Weekly contests and events will be included in the community programming. 

  • OtterFit Individual Training
    Train individually or with a partner with one of the Health Promotion and Fitness novice student trainers, twice weekly, for one hour.  Pre- & post-fitness assessments as well as 16 training sessions are included in the 10 week program. Training is offered during both Fall and Spring semesters. 

/ OtterFit

Erica Van Dop
e/ evandop@otterbein.edu

/ Department of Health and Sport Sciences

Annette Boose
Rike Center
p/ 614.823.3528
e/ aharting@otterbein.edu

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