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Chamber Music

Piano Trio
The Department of Music offers many fine chamber ensembles, including Percussion, String and Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Tuba/Euphonium, Clarinet, and Horn Ensembles. In addition, a variety of other ensembles, including the Woodwind and Brass Quintets are very active.


The mission of the Chamber Music Program at Otterbein University is to provide opportunities for students to develop artistic excellence and to ensure that chamber music, in its broadest sense, is a vital part of the Otterbein and Columbus community.


Our vision is:

  • that chamber music serves as a model for cooperation and collaboration and community outreach;
  • that students actively participate in chamber music as part of their pre-professional training; and
  • that we increase the opportunities for the performance of chamber music increase in traditional and non-traditional concert venues.


The Chamber Music Program supports the values of the Chamber Music Association, that:

  • artistic and professional excellence are valued throughout the field;
  • chamber music as an example of the possibilities of democracy, tolerance, and humanity; and
  • honoring tradition while moving forward through innovation.

/ Department of Music

Dennis Davenport
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.3138
e/ ddavenport@otterbein.edu

Nicholas Ross
Associate Chair
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.1020
e/ nross@otterbein.edu

Conni Birri

Operations Manager
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.1508
e/ cbirri@otterbein.edu

Claire Brock
Program Manager
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.1504
e/ cbrock@otterbein.edu

Jennifer Markovich
Arts Counselor
102 W. College Ave, Westerville
p/ 614.823.1219 or
e/ jmarkovich@otterbein.edu

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Otterbein University is a Corporate Partner of the Ohio MEA.