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Leadership Minor

Learning to Lead

The Leadership Minor helps you develop your leadership skills so that you can have significant impacts on your community and your workplace. To achieve this goal, Otterbein will:

  • Help you develop skills, knowledge, tools and techniques, perspectives, and attitudes and values that can be applied to leadership in various settings, including community service and social change.
  • Provide students who have an interest in community service with the opportunity to develop specific tools and skills that can be applied to social change and community development.
  • Provide students who have an interest in leadership in various settings with opportunities to gain an understanding of leadership perspectives.
  • Provide student with interests in leadership with the opportunity to interact with community leaders in various settings and with opportunities to practice leadership.

You will gain unforgettable leadership consciousness aligned with contemporary leadership theory, perspective, skills, and practices. It is our sense that students who learn leadership concepts and applications, who receive training in leadership skills, and who practice leadership through service-learning develop as leaders and also find an important complement to their learning in their majors and in Otterbein's liberal arts core.


The Leadership minor consists of four required core courses and your choice of one elective. See the Undergraduate Catalog for more information.

Each course is focused on your personal development, your understanding of and your sense of responsibility to adopt the leadership perspective that personal development depends on human development. As you move through the series of courses, you will:

  • Explore your individual leadership potentials;
  • Understand and apply leadership theories, perspectives, and skills in organizational communication, negotiation, collaboration, empowering others, team building, and interpersonal communication; and
  • Following direct contact with community and workplace leaders, learn, shape, and apply leadership strategies, team learning and change models in organizations.

Course Requirements

A. Core (4 courses required)

  • FYS 1024 - Leadership Pathways 4 hrs
  • OR
  • LEAD 1000 - Finding Your Leadership Potential 4 hrs
  • LEAD 2000 - Principles of Leadership 4 hrs
  • LEAD 3000 - Leadership Practices 4 hrs
  • LEAD 4800 - Leadership Project 4 hrs
  • OR
  • SYE 4006 - Community Leadership and Change in Non-Profit Organizations 4 hrs

B. Elective (1 course required)

  • COMM 2400 - Argumentation and Advocacy 4 hrs
  • COMM 3300 - Teamwork 4 hrs
  • COMM 3400 - Persuasion 4 hrs
  • COMM 3800 - Organizational Communication 4 hrs
  • ENST 4001 - Advanced Environmental Studies 4 hrs
  • HIST 4450 - History of U.S. Social Protest Movements 4 hrs
  • PADM 2000 - Introduction to Public Administration 4 hrs
  • PSYC 2330 - Psychology of Personality 4 hrs
  • PSYC 2610 - Social Psychology 4 hrs
  • PSYC 3720 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology 4 hrs
  • SOCL 2060 - Environmental Sociology 4 hrs
  • SOCL 4020 - Global Social Movements 4 hrs

Commitment to Community Engagement

The Leadership minor integrates Otterbein's commitment to service-learning, the effectiveness of the service-learning pedagogy, and the University's success as an engaged campus. Each course employs service-learning pedagogy designed to assure that you develop and exercise a commitment to community service and develop skills related to that classes you are taking that can be applied to you future role as a citizen and professional in your field. See the Center for Community Engagement site for more about Otterbein's commitment to community service.


/ Leadership Studies

Maria Polak
Senior Lecturer/Director, Leadership Studies
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The Office of Adult and Transfer Admission is located in Towers Hall, 
1 South Grove St.

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