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Senior Year Experience

What is SYE?

  • SYE Courses are designed to help students bring together the learning done in majors, Integrative Studies courses and elective courses
  • Create a lively interdisciplinary learning experience
  • Adds value to or “tops off” your entire Otterbein education
  • Allows you time to think about and use the college education you’ve spent so long acquiring
  • An end point, a place to reflect on all that’s gone before
  • Designed as a bridge to the future, a place to practice for what’s coming next

Prerequisites for SYE

  • Must have completed 96 credit hours
  • Must also have completed at least 6 of the 8 Integrative Studies courses

What SYE Course Should I Take?

Don't worry so much about choosing an SYE that matches your major; rather, choose something you're interested in, concerned about, or curious about. Later, as you actually walk into your SYE, it means you need to be willing to:

  • Actively confront a problem; engage in an issue; work to gain knowledge; wrestle with ethical choices; and come up with individual and group positions, answers, or solutions
  • Think of yourself as an expert in your discipline and be willing to share your expertise with those outside your discipline
  • Think of yourself as a budding professional, an educated person, and a citizen
  • Think about your education as a whole: how it adds up, how it all relates, how it can be used to live your life

For questions about the SYE program, contact program director Leesa Kern.

SYE Courses for 2014-15

See the 2014-15 SYE courses.

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