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The Graduate School

Executive Guest Lecture Series

  • Tuesday, October 20, 2015 
  • ​6 p.m. in Riley Auditorium, Otterbein University campus ​

​Kunal Mehta​, author of ​the book entitled ​DISRUPTORSEmbrace failure.  Realize optionality.  Think differently.  
(From the book Disruptors by Kunal Mehta)  

​Kunal Mehta, author of ​the book entitled ​DISRUPTORS​, is​ a former Investment Banker, t​he founder of Unfold and a strategy associate at charity: water. For Disruptors, Kunal has spoken with the founders and key business leads of several game-changing companies such as Pinterest, Foursquare, Venture for America, FEED Projects, charity: water and Dwolla to reveal the early failures or heartbreaks entrepreneurs face. 

​This event is free and open to the public.

Registration is limited to 200.

Past Graduate Symposium Series

  • Fall 2014 - Elizabeth Lessner on restaurants, downtown development, and environmental initiatives
  • Spring 2014 – Tracey Wilen, Society 3.0
  • Fall 2013 – Catherine Woltering, The Madoff Ponzi Scheme
  • Spring 2013 - Robert Fefferman, A Journey into Infinity
  • Fall, 2012 –Panel - The Changing Faces of Central Ohio
  • Spring, 2012 – Panel - The Many Faces of Social Justice
  • Fall, 2011 – Panel - How to go Faster than the Speed of Change
  • Spring 2011 – Panel - What Makes a Highly Effective Teacher and Why?

History of the Symposium

The Graduate School Symposium Series provokes new thought, stimulates engaging conversations, and promotes collaborations through talks on varied tops of interest. Topic areas range from education, health care, change management, technology innovations, commerce, creative arts, and social justice. The Graduate School Symposium Series facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge among faculty, graduate students, and the public.

Formal question-and-answer sessions allow deeper inquiry into the session topic. An informal reception allows time for private conversation among attendees and with presenters.

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