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IRB and OUACUC Information

Otterbein University recognizes the need for investigations in which human beings may serve as research subjects.  The University also acknowledges its responsibility for ensuring that the privacy, safety, health, and welfare of such subjects are adequately protected.  Consequently, Otterbein has established the Institutional Review Board committee to review and approve the adequacy of human subject protection.  

If your project makes use of human beings as research subjects, it must be approved by the Institutional Review Board. Do not begin collecting data from human subjects before receiving IRB approval. Please read the IRB guidelines before seeking approval.

Otterbein University Animal Care and Use Committee (OUACUC) Reference Material

Committee members currently include: Sheri Birmingham - Chair, Sarah Bouchard, Maria Calderone, Tom Linkous, John Tansey, Lois Szudy


Robert Kraft
p/ 614.823.1473
e/ rkraft@otterbein.edu

Sheri Birmingham
p/ 614.823.1032