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Faculty and Staff

Joan M. Esson

Associate Professor
Analytical Chemistry
B.S. Baldwin Wallace College
Ph.D. University of Michigan
Office: Science 309
Phone: 614-823-1716
Email: jesson@otterbein.edu

Robin E. Grote

Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry
B.A. San Diego State University
Ph.D. University of California
Office: Science 326
Phone: 614-823-1206
Email: rgrote@otterbein.edu

Carrigan Hayes

Assistant Professor
Physical Chemistry
B.A. Ohio Northern University
Ph.D. The Ohio State University
Office: Science 315
Phone: 614-823-1323
E-mail: chayes@otterbein.edu

Dean Johnston

Professor and Chair
Inorganic Chemistry
B.A. The College of Wooster
Ph.D. Northwestern University
Office: Science 325
Phone: 614-823-1489
E-mail: djohnston@otterbein.edu
Personal website: faculty.otterbein.edu/djohnston

John T. Tansey

Chemistry & Biochemistry
B.S. University of Massachussetts
Ph.D. Wake Forest University
Office: Science 206
Phone: 614-823-1497
E-mail: jtansey@otterbein.edu

Brigitte Ramos

Assistant Professor 
Ph. D. University of Cincinnati
B.S. Youngstown State University
Office: Science 308
Phone: 614-823-1282
E-mail: bramos@otterbein.com

Jean Szabo

Chemistry Stockroom Manager
Office: Science 312 A
Phone: 614-823-1490
E-mail: jszabo@otterbein.edu

Charles Fulton

Adjunct Professor
Phone: 614-823-1316
E-mail: cfulton@otterbein.edu   

Matthew Grote

Adjunct Professor
Phone: 614-823-1316
E-mail: mgrote@otterbein.edu

Wendy Johnston

Adjunct Professor
Phone: 614-823-1316
E-mail: wjohnston@otterbein.edu   

Emily Tansey

Adjunct Professor
Phone: 614-823-1316
E-mail: etansey@otterbein.edu

Celina Chou

Administrative Assistant
Office: Science 236 Phone: 614-823-1316
Email: cchoufong@otterbein.edu

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Celina Chou
Administrative Assistant
Science 236
p/ 614-823-1316
e/ cchoufong@otterbein.edu

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