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Public Administration

Otterbein's Public Administration Program prepares students for careers in public and/or nonprofit organizations. The program is designed to help students develop knowledge and skills in the discipline of public administration, and to prepare public administrators who have an awareness of the need to humanize public organizations and to pursue policy analysis and implementation on behalf of the public good. This program encourages students to value democratic processes and to facilitate citizen collaboration in the solution and redressing of social problems.

Public Administration Major and Minor

The Department of History and Political Science offers both a major (BA) and a minor in Public Administration.

The Public Administration major (BA) encompasses courses in key public administration principles, human organization, motivation, leadership, and budgeting and policy evaluation.

The Publication Administration Minor requires the completion of five courses (20 semester hours).

Consult the Otterbein University Catalog (see box at right) for the complete requirements for the major and minor.

Career Opportunities and Future Paths

A major in public administration will equip students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparation for employment in the public sector (government and non-profits). Such a program will enriches and deepens students’ understanding of civic culture, civic leadership, leadership resources available in doing the work of the public in carrying out organizational and community responsibilities.

Otterbein is strategically located near the capital of Ohio; consequently, Otterbein is well positioned to offer a major that prepares students for careers in government and non-government positions. With concentration of state and local government in Columbus, Otterbein is strategically located to offer students internships that will provide them with practical experience in their field of interest. Otterbein (and the Department of History and Political Science) has a long history of providing students with internships.

A number of our students have gone on to pursue a Master of Public Administration (MPA). A major in public administration will strengthen students for the transition to such graduate programs because they will have been introduced to fundamental theories, principles and practices, while pursuing their bachelor’s degrees at Otterbein.


The Public Administration major consists of four Foundation Courses, three Public Policy courses, three elective courses in the areas of Institutional and Legal Frameworks, Theoretical Explorations, and Human Resources, as well as a senior-level internship and Practicum Capstone.

Foundation Courses

POLS 1000 - American National Government- 4 hrs
PADM 2000 - Introduction to Public Administration - 4 hrs
ECON 2100 - Principles of Microeconomics - 4 hrs
POLS 2300 - Methods of Research and Inquiry in Political Science - 4 hrs

Core in Public Policy

PADM 3000 - Public Policy - 4 hrs
PADM 3500 - Public Budgeting - 4 hrs
POLS 3100 - State and Local Government - 4 hrs


PADM 4950 - Practicum Capstone - 4 hrs


For course options in elective areas, check the catalog

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