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Band Auditions and Awards

For more information on auditions and to schedule an audition as wind or percussion performer, visit the Undergraduate Admissions Office Auditions and Awards page.

Audition Requirements

The following requirements are for wind and percussion students auditioning for admission to the department as a music major or music minor and for Talent and Participation Awards. They are not for Athletic Bands Participation Awards. Visit the Athletic Bands web pages for more information on those awards.

The Department of Music does not provide a repertoire list for auditions so that students auditioning may consult with their teachers to select the best literature that represents their level of musical development. The auditioning panel is looking for current, as well as potential ability, to complete the preferred degree program.

In order to properly assess this, we look for pitch accuracy, correct and steady rhythm, physical coordination, musical expressiveness, and disciplined work habits. Auditions are approximately 10 minutes long. Practice rooms will be available for warming up on the day of your audition. An accompanist is not required, but one can be provided if requested in advance.

Brass and Woodwind Students

Perform two contrasting movements (slow-fast) from a sonata or concerto demonstrating technique, tone, and general musicianship. Students may elect to substitute contrasting solos or etudes instead of movements from a larger work. Students should also be prepared to perform all major scales with arpeggios and a two-octave chromatic scale.


Applicants should be prepared to perform on snare drum (either rudimental and concert styles), mallet instruments (xylophone, marimba, or vibraphone), and timpani. Applicants should bring an original score and one copy of every piece or etude they will be performing, as well as all necessary sticks and mallets. Instruments will be provided (snare drum, marimba/xylophone/vibraphone and timpani).

Snare drum

  1. One solo or etude demonstrating musical and technical ability.
  2. The 26 basic rudiments and a concert-style buzz roll (pp-ff-pp)
  3. Sight-reading.


  1. One solo or etude demonstrating musical and technical ability. This solo can be for two or four mallets.
  2. Major scales, two octaves with arpeggios.
  3. Sight-reading.


  1. One solo or etude demonstrating musical and technical ability
  2. Tuning the timpani using a pitch pipe, tuning fork, or piano
  3. Sight-reading

Financial Aid and Awards for Band, Wind and Percussion Students

Awards are available by auditiond for any Otterbein student who wishes to continue their musical experience into college life.

Talent Awards for Music Majors
Talent Awards from $8,000 to $24,000 over four years are offered to selected incoming students who pursue majors in the Departments of Music, including Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music Education, and Bachelor of Music (performance) degrees.

Participation Awards for Non-Music Majors
Music Participation Awards are available for non-music majors and music minors by audition, and range from $4,000-$8,000 over four years.

Athletic Bands Participation Awards
The Athletic Bands Participation Award is open by audition to any student at Otterbein University interested in performing with the Cardinal Marching Band and the Basketball Pep Band. Woodwind, brass and percussion performers are eligible as well as visual performers including color guard and twirlers. Learn more.

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Dennis Davenport
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.3138
e/ ddavenport@otterbein.edu

Nicholas Ross
Associate Chair
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.1020
e/ nross@otterbein.edu

Conni Birri

Operations Manager
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.1508
e/ cbirri@otterbein.edu

Claire Brock
Program Manager
Battelle Fine Arts Center
p/ 614.823.1504
e/ cbrock@otterbein.edu

Jennifer Markovich
Arts Counselor
102 W. College Ave, Westerville
p/ 614.823.1219 or
e/ jmarkovich@otterbein.edu

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