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BA Theatre

About the Degree

The BA in Theatre degree at Otterbein University is an opportunity for students who want a life and career in the Arts.  Our BA program is unique in that students work within a BFA program.  BA students at Otterbein University get exposed to the best professional practices and standards, while still having the flexibility to be successful with the degree program.

The BA in Theatre degree program is designed for students whose professional career goals require the study of more than one area of theatre.  The successful BA candidate is an independent, motivated student with specific goals and direction.  The BA curriculum offers a common core of theatre classes and is combined with choice classes from a list of Design Technology, Dance and Theatre classes.  These choices include, but are not limited to, Design classes, Technology classes, costumes, stage makeup, combat, choreography, dance, TV/Film, etc.  

From the onset, students will work closely with faculty to chart their specific degree plan and career goals.  Our program is ideal for students with interests in careers in directing, playwriting, and stage management. Currently students are pursuing dual degrees in education, music, creative writing, business, journalism/ media communication, women gender studies and combining with minors such as dance, film studies, and communication.

The theatre major will learn by doing.  Our BA theatre degree will have you involved in productions during your first year on campus.  Participation with our main stage shows is required for all Department of Theatre students during their time here. It is the mission of the program that all students in theatre have practical application to gain a mutual respect for the art.

Opportunities for B.A. students can be limitless, whether it’s double-majoring, involvement with workshops, or creating a senior capstone experience indicative of their specific focus.  While B.A. students are not required to do a senior internship, many do. Depending on the nature of their degree plan, students receiving the B.A. degree are prepared to enter graduate theatre programs leading to M.A., M.F.A. or Ph.D. degrees as well as to begin working in the profession.

Talent Awards are given to BA Theatre students based on the interview process.  These awards are in addition to any other scholarships or awards given by the University.

Application: Pre-Screening

All students interested in applying for the B.A. degree in Theatre must submit an online application through www.getacceptd.comPlease do not apply for admission to Otterbein University until you have completed the pre-screening process. If you have applied already, as part of the Common Application, for example, do not be concerned. But if you have not yet applied, wait until you hear that you have been invited to interview to do so. Interviews are by invitation only and the number of available places is limited. 

For your pre-screen, please upload a current resume, photo (school photo is fine), and a statement of interest that outlines your professional goals and/or area(s) of interest.  You may also choose to upload samples of your strongest work (Please Note: Providing samples of work is OPTIONAL).  It is strongly recommended that students bring samples of work to their in-person interview. For valuable information on how to prepare a portfolio of sample work click here (PDF).

Application: The Next Step

If you are invited to complete a more in depth interview in person, you will receive instructions from our coordinator, Matt Wolfe, regarding how to schedule. Interviews are held throughout the spring on campus.  

Students from outside the state of Ohio can meet with our department chair at a national unified audition site. Our National Unified Audition dates are:

New York: Saturday, January 24, 2015 (1:30pm- 6pm) & Sunday, January 25, 2015 (9am-1:30pm
Chicago: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, February 2-4, 2015
Los Angeles: Saturday, February 7, 2015 & Sunday February 8, 2015

If you choose to complete an interview on campus, you should plan to spend most of the day on campus. If you choose to interview at one of the Unified sites, you will be given a specific interview time. Unified slots last 15 minutes. Candidates receive equal consideration whether they interview on campus or off campus.

If and when you are invited to complete an interview in person, you will need to apply for admission to Otterbein University. Please do not apply for admission until you have been invited to interview. Our Admissions Liaison, Elizabeth Doyle, will be in touch with you. Any questions about the admission process, including financial aid, should be directed to her. She can be reached at edoyle@otterbein.edu or at 614-823-1219.

University admission decisions and B.A. Theatre decisions are made on a rolling basis. Students must be accepted to both the university and the B.A. program to enroll in theatre coursework.  Applications are due to getacceptd.com by February 15, 2015.  Application to the University is also due at this time and must be complete.  Students interviewing for the BA in Theatre degree must attend the February 21, 2015 on campus interview day or schedule a visit/ interview through Matt Wolfe.

Transfer Students

The Department of Theatre and Dance accepts transfer students in two degree programs: the BA in Theatre, and the BFA in Design/Technology. Requirements vary by degree program. It is possible to complete a BA degree in two years at Otterbein if the student has done two or more years elsewhere. Potential transfer students should consult the office of Adult and Transfer Enrollment at 614-823-1356 before applying.

Robyn Henry

Robyn Henry

BA Theatre '00

Robyn Henry, Associate Producer for Production Glue, a special events production company in the heart of New York City, spent Super Bowl XLVIII helping Nike to create memorable experiences for fans. 

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Department of Theatre and Dance

Department Office
M-F: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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Box Office
M-F: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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For general questions about admission and financial aid:
Elizabeth Doyle
Admission Counselor
p/ 614.823.1219
e/ edoyle@otterbein.edu

For questions about BFA Acting and Musical Theatre auditions:
Harriet Hill, Audition Coordinator
e/ audition@otterbein.edu

For questions about BA, Design/Tech, and Dance Minor admission:
Matt Wolfe, Administrative Assistant
p/ 614.823.1657
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