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How to Officially Withdraw From the University

Withdrawal is a multi-step process so we strongly encourage you to use this page as a checklist. Overlooked or bypassed steps could result in severe consequences such as an eventual bad credit rating. Please treat this responsibly. Nonattendance and/or nonpayment of fees does not constitute official withdrawal. Instead, you must follow the procedure outlined below.

Step 1: Determine whether you are still within the deadline for withdrawing. During regular academic year terms (Fall and Spring semesters), students may not withdraw beyond Week 9. In Summer when there are multiple sessions within the term, the last day to withdraw varies. Once the deadline has expired, the grades assigned must be accepted. Withdrawal deadline dates may be accessed by clicking on the applicable academic year calendar. Proceed to Step 2 if the withdrawal deadline has not passed. Note: In some situations that can be documented, it is possible to adjust a withdrawal date. See the explanation at the bottom.

Step 2: Determine how you will drop your classes. You may drop (a) by using Self-Service Banner or (b) by informing the Office of the Registrar in person or in writing (fax is 614-823-1009). If you use Self-Service Banner, you can drop all but your last class. You must contact the Office of the Registrar to drop the last one. This step is necessary to assure that steps do not get overlooked and to assure that the University is aware you have left.

Step 3: Drop your classes via the method selected in Step 2 above. Make sure you drop your current classes as well as classes for which you are registered in upcoming terms.

Step 4: If you have a University housing and/or meal contract, you must contact the Office of Student Affairs at 614-823-1250 to terminate the contract.

Step 5: If you have received a Perkins loan, you must contact the Office of Student Accounts at 614-823-1150 for an exit interview.

Step 6: If you have received a Stafford loan, you must contact the Office of Financial Aid at 614-823-1502 for an exit interview. Please be aware that financial aid funds are awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of funds that the student was originally scheduled to receive. Students must attend at least 60% of the quarter to fully earn their federal financial assistance. A statutory schedule is used to determine the amount of Title IV funds a student has earned as of the date he or she ceases attendance.

Step 7: See the Business Office site for refund policies.

Note: In rare instances, it may be possible to adjust a withdrawal date. Situations that may warrant special consideration include unexpected health issues documented in writing by a physician and job transfer documented in writing by an employer. The documentation must be accompanied by a letter from the student and the letter must specically state what is being requested (eg: prorated or voided charges, grades voided). The University reserves the right to charge a penalty fee for any situation where a withdrawal date is being adjusted and the official withdrawal procedure was not followed.

/ Registrar

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