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FAQs About the Writing Intensive Program

Who has to take WI courses, and how many WI courses do they have to take?
All Otterbein University students have to take WI courses, no matter what their major.  Current (2015-16) juniors and seniors have to take two WI courses:  IS 1500 and a WI-designated course in the student’s major.  Current (2015-16) freshmen and sophomores will need to take three WI courses: IS 1500, a WI-designated course in the major, and a third WI course that could come from a variety of sources (a second WI in the major, a double major, a minor, a WI elective, an additional WI course in INST, etc.). Students should check to see what WI course(s) are part of their major.

When should I take my WI courses?
Students should take IS 1500 during freshman year. The other WI course(s) can be taken at any time during or after (IS 1500 is a pre- or co-requisite to any other WI courses). The different majors will make their own decisions about when students take the WI course(s) in the major.

Can I transfer in another WI course from another institution?
Possibly, if it meets the same goals and outcomes as Otterbein’s WI courses. You will have to submit a copy of the syllabus from the course you took to the Writing Intensive Advisory Subcommittee, which will then determine whether the course meets a WI requirement.

Are any of the INST courses going to be WI?
All IS 1500 courses are of course Writing Intensive and fulfill the first of the three required WI courses. Additional thread and dyad IS courses designated WI are in development.  See the current course schedule for available options.

/ Contact

Margaret Koehler
Chair of Writing Intensive Advisory Subcommittee

/ Subcommittee Members

  • Margaret Koehler, Chair
  • Phyllis Lynne Burns, Department of English
  • Chelsea Craine, student representative
  • Joan Esson, Department of Chemistry
  • Carrigan Hayes, Department of Chemistry
  • Regina Kengla, Academic Support Center
  • Robert Kraft, Department of Psychology
  • Audrey Leach, student representative
  • Kathryn Plank, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Carrie Scheckelhoff, Department of Education

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