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Integrative Studies Substitute Courses and Policy

Substitutions for Integrative Studies (INST) requirements are permitted subject to the following conditions:

  1. A substitution must appear on the list of approved alternate courses shown below.
  2. No more than two substitutions are permitted.
  3. While up to two substitutions are permitted, only one of them may be used to fulfill both an INST requirement and a requirement in the student’s major or minor. In other words, only one substitute course may be double-counted.

The Degree Audit program will automatically count any of the approved substitutes as satisfying INST requirements.

INST Course Approved Substitutes / Course Title
INST 2000’s Interconnections
  • ECON 2200 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • HIST 1400 Survey of Pre-Modern Asia
  • HNRS 2000 Inquiry and Society: Social Sciences
  • PSYC 1000 Psychology for Non-Majors
INST 2200’s Reflection and Responsibility
  • PHIL 1300 Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PHIL 2200 Existentialism
  • PHIL 2300 Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
  • PHIL 2400 Environmental Philosophy
  • PHIL 2500 Contemporary Ethics and Metaethics
  • PHIL 2950 Ethics
  • RELG 2200 Religion in America
  • RELG 2300 Introduction to Judaism and the Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament
  • RELG 2400 Introduction to the New Testament/ Christian Origins
  • RELG 2500 The Muslim Faith and Its Place in the Modern World
INST 2400’s Natural Foundations
  • BIO 2700 Gender and Biology
  • CHEM 1200 Survey of Bio-Organic Chemistry
  • ESCI 1001 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • ESCI 1010 Physical Geology
  • ESCI 1020 Earth System History
  • ESCI 2000 Field Geology
  • PHYS 2100 Introduction to Physical Science
INST 2600’s Creativity and Culture
  • ARTH 1000 Art History Survey I: Prehistory 14th Century Common Era
  • ARTH 1100 Art History Survey II: 15th to 21st Centuries
  • ARTH 2100 Impressionists and Pop Artists Modern Art 1863-1963
  • ARTH 2200 Hot Mamas and Guerilla Girls: Women as Artists and Subjects in the Visual Arts
  • ARTH 3100 Soup Cans? Puppies? Transgenic Mice? Exploring Contemporary Visual Art
  • ARTH 3200 Art History: Travels in Spain
  • ENGL 2230 Studies in African American Literatures
  • ENGL 2231 Studies in Women’s Literatures
  • ENGL 2232 Studies in Diverse Literary Cultures
  • ENGL 2233 Studies in World Literatures
  • ENGL 2234 Studies in GLBTQ Literatures
  • MUSC 3042 Women in Music
  • MUSC 3046 American Popular Music
  • THR 3510 Theatre History I
  • THR 3520 Theatre History II

/Integrative Studies Program

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Towers Hall 322
p/ 614.823.1368
Rachel Martin
Graduate Assistant
Towers Hall 223a
p/ 614.823.1124
e/ isassistant@otterbein.edu