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Campus Life

Current Students

We hope you'll stay awhile.

For current students, the housing process is easy! In spring semester, students identify their desired roommate(s) for the following year and choose where they will live. Students receive a packet to of information via email and at check-in for spring semester with all the forms they need. By late February, students should decide if they will live on campus and submit their housing request forms. Students interested in living in either the Theme Houses or Commons Apartments may submit those applications too. Selection processes will take place in March. Students must be registered for Fall Semester classes before selecting a room, so all students are encouraged to register as soon as they are able based on their class standing. 

All housing-related forms can also be found on the Residence Life channel of My O-Zone, including petitions for Housing Agreement Termination, Housing Obligation Exemption, and more.

Summer & Break Housing

Space is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis. Students may request a roommate of their choice but will be assigned roommates if they do not not have a mutually agreed upon roommate when submitting summer and/or break housing agreements.

Fall, Thanksgiving & Spring Break Housing
Students may request to stay on campus during break periods through an online form available on the Residence Life channel on OZone. All halls are open during these breaks and students will stay in their assigned residence hall room at no extra charge. Limited dining services will be available during these break periods. Exact dining hours will be posted in the dining locations.

Winter Break (Cardinal Term)
Students may request to stay on campus between fall & spring semesters for an additional daily fee. Students must submit a break housing agreement to the Student Affairs Office by the deadline to be approved. If students do not currently reside in a hall open for the break (Clements, Hanby, Garst, DeVore or 25 W. Home St.), they will need to identify a student in those buildings who will allow them to use their room over break. Students will be emailed winter break housing information in early November. 

To find the current cost for break housing, please visit the Business Office website.

Summer Housing including MayMester
Students needing summer housing may sign up for summer housing in Garst Hall after spring room selection. A written agreement will be required. First priority will be given to fall residence hall residents. If space is available, other students may be offered summer housing until August 1st. All summer residents must be registered for Fall Semester classes and have their University account in paid status by the first day of summer housing. Summer housing is billed to the student account. Summer housing is billed at a daily rate for short stays (approx. $20-$30/day) or for the entire summer for longer stays.  

While no meal plan is offered during the summer, students can purchase individual meals at cost when the dining hall is open for summer camps. A kitchen is also available in the summer housing residence hall.

If you are interested in summer housing, please contact Laura Norman at 614-823-1250.

/ Office of Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life is located in the back of Hanby Hall on Cochran Alley.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

p/ 614.823.1250
e/ reslife@otterbein.edu

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