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Student Giving

Top 5 Ways Your Gift Helps Otterbein Students

  1. If every student gave $5.00 it could provide over $14,000 for student scholarships.
  2. Your gift of $5.00 coupled with 19 of your classmate's gifts allows Otterbein to purchase 20 evergreen trees.
  3. If every senior gave $20.11, Otterbein could provide 17 new computers to current students.
  4. Your $5.00 gift means we can count you as a donor, which helps our ranking in US News and World Report (we're currently 16th out of 140!)
  5. Gifts of any amount from students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff allow Otterbein to continue to renovate buildings, support campus activities and provide a great educational experience for all students.

Student Giving Myths and FAQs

I already give enough money to Otterbein through tuition.
Fact: Unfortunately, tuition doesn't cover all of what it takes to keep Otterbein going. As a private college, Otterbein relies heavily on its students, alumni, parents of students, friends of the University, and its faculty and staff to help fill the gaps where financial support is needed but isn't provided.

Myth: My participation doesn't matter.
Fact: Your participation DOES matter. By participating in the Annual Fund you help keep Otterbein's outstanding reputation on the rise, which increases the value of your degree. Alumni participation is considered when determining the national rankings U.S. News and World Report annual rankings. Did you know we went from 15th to 14th this year? (we went up to 19% for alumni participation this year)

Question: Why am I being asked to give before I graduate?
Answer: The Student Giving Campaign is mostly about getting involved and taking part in a rich Otterbein tradition. Students are receiving a great deal of support from our Annual Fund donors (which includes previous students) while they attend classes and this is a chance for them to give back in a way that will help their peers.

Question: How much are you asking for?
Answer: A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated and your participation matters most. Most students give gifts in honor of their graduation year –$20.12, $20.13, $20.14, $20.15.

Question: I'm a student, I don't have any money to give or I can only give a moderate amount.
Answer: It's understandable that Otterbein students are unable to provide a gift of $150 at this stage in their life, however, support can be given in smaller amounts. On average, Otterbein students give a gift in honor of their class year. Some students prefer to give $5-10 per pay period thru payroll deduction if they're an Otterbein student worker. In order to accommodate their gift, most students give up a movie night, a few trips to their favorite coffee shop, etc.

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The Office of Development is located at 131 W. Park St.

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