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The Graduate School

Master of Science in Allied Health Curriculum

 Master of Science Allied Health

All students earning their Master of Science in Allied Health must complete the “core” requirements, each are 3 credit hours, as follows (15 Total Hours):

  • MSAH 5300 – Program Planning and Evaluation
  • MSAH 5230 – Leadership and Ethics
  • MSAH 5220 – Evidence-based Practice
  • MSAH 5000 – Research Design (Statistics 1 prerequisite required)
  • MSAH 5050 – Allied Health Care Administration

** All students MUST ALSO COMPLETE:

  • Thesis MSAH 7000 (6 hours) or
  • Advanced Clinical Practicum MSAH 6900 (6 hours)

Both courses are three (3) semester hours; therefore each will be repeated twice.

Residency requirement: 27 hours must be completed at Otterbein University

Foundation Requirements

Since the foundation requirements provide a solid basis for additional core learning experiences, a firm grasp of the content in them is required. A grade of “B” or better is required to fulfill the foundation requirement. All students must take Statistics 1 (MATH 1240). Additionally, Health and Wellness track students are required to take Anatomy & Physiology (BIO 1810), while Healthcare Administration students are required to take Financial Accounting (ACCT 2000). These courses may be taken at Otterbein or they may be transferred in from another accredited institution

Select your track of study below to see the curriculum requirements for each:

Health and Wellness Track (36 hours)

Health Care Administration Track (30 hours)

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