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The Graduate School

Curriculum Overview

Allied Health


We understand that you are a working professional, therefore courses are conveniently offered through hybrid delivery (some meetings on-campus, and some online) and in the evening. To provide a robust educational experience, all students, regardless of selected track, will share “common core” requirements and learning experiences in the Master of Science in Allied Health curriculum. These courses encompass: program planning and evaluation, leadership and ethics, evidence-based practice, research design, and allied health care administration, as well as a thesis or advanced clinical practicum.

Do I need any prerequisites?
Yes. Since the prerequisites provide the foundation for additional core learning experiences, a firm grasp of the content in them is required. The following are the prerequisites and you must have earned a grade of “B” or better in each of them, they are: Statistics 1 (all tracks), Anatomy & Physiology (Health & Wellness only), and Financial Accounting (Healthcare Administration only).

How long will it take me to complete the degree?
This depends upon the track you select.

  1. Health and Wellness is 36 semester hours.
  2. Health Care Administration is 30 semester hours, or one year full-time for students who already have their Bachelor’s degree.
  3. The 2+3 tracks in Health and Wellness or Health Care Administration are for student’s holding an Associate’s degree. First, you earn the Bachelor of Arts in Allied Health, immediately followed by the Master of Science in Allied Health, and time to completion varies by student.

Get a list of course requirements needed to earn your Master of Science in Allied Health in your selected area of study.

Choose Your Track of Study

  1. Health and Wellness (36 hours), or
  2. Health Care Administration (30 hours)

    Two options:

    1. For students who have already completed their Bachelor’s degree.
    2. For student’s holding an Associate’s degree are the 2+3 program tracks in Health and Wellness or Health Care Administration. First, you will earn your Bachelor of Arts in Allied Health, immediately followed by the Master of Science in Allied Health, total program length is approximately 3 years.

Learn More

Learn more about the program in the MSAH Graduate Handbook (PDF).

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The Graduate School is located in Roush Hall, room 208.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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Patricia Hohlbein, Ed.D.
MSAH Program Recruiter
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Joan Rocks, Ph.D.
MSAH Program Director
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