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Project Unbreakable to Kick Off One Billion Rising at Otterbein

February 06, 2014

This Friday, Otterbein will host the two founders of the Tumbr, Project Unbreakable, on our campus. Grace Brown and Kaelyn Siversky will be talking and taking questions at 7:30 p.m. in Towers 112. After they are done discussing the work of Project Unbreakable, they will host a private photo shoot in Towers 110 (right next door). 

Some of you have been asking what the photo shoot is about. Project Unbreakable is all about the photo shoot. The Tumblr was launched in order to provide people, who are survivors of sexual violence and assault, a way to confront their attacker and demonstrate their own resilience at the same time. People are photographed holding signs, and, on those signs, survivors have written things that were said to them by their attacker during or after an assault. They share the words, but they stare down the camera. They tell the truth. They expose what the larger culture never hears. They stop self-blame and put the blame where it belongs--maybe for the first time in their lives.

Project Unbreakable sees itself as a project of healing. It is also a powerful testimony to all the people in our culture who survive sexual violence. If you have experienced sexual violence, please come on Friday. If you know someone who has experienced sexual violence, please come. If you stand in solidarity with people who have experienced sexual violence and you want that solidarity to be made public, please come. 

Grace and Kaelyn only visit two college campuses each month, and we are so grateful that they will be able to spend an evening with us. It will be worth your Friday night. 

Please also
visit the installation of photos from the Project that are displayed on the second floor of Courtright Memorial Library. Note: some of the images may be intense or disturbing and provoke strong emotional reaction.  

Questions?  Please contact Tammy Birk (tbirk@otterbein.edu).

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