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Otterbein Students Raise Awareness About Mental Health Stigmas

This week, students enrolled in a public relations case study course have teamed up with the Office of Student Conduct & Wellness to raise awareness about mental health stigmas on campus through a campaign titled, "Erase the Stigma."

The class conducted a survey and discovered that 95 percent of Otterbein students know someone with a mental health disorder. The campaign is sharing statistics about mental health stigmas via posters around and Twitter (@OtterUWellness), and distributing notecards and erasers with the campaign logo to the campus community to raise awareness of mental health stigmas.

"We hope this campaign will act as a tipping point to get rid of mental health stigmas on Otterbein's campus," said Alana Gaither '15, who is enrolled in the course.

On May 2, a large dry erase board will be placed in the Campus Center to allow students to write down stigmas and then "erase" them by placing a clear pink magnet over the stigma.

"This class is giving us a perfect outlet to soften the impression of mental health on Otterbein's campus," said Alissa Harle '15, who is also enrolled in the course.

Through the Erase the Stigma campaign, the student say they hope to create a movement away from the mental health stigmas that are often seen on college campuses.