Otterbein Leadership Certification Program

Otterbein can better prepare you to communicate more effectively and lead throughout your career with the Leadership Certificate Program


Otterbein University’s Business Analytics certificate is for businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals who want to enhance their success through data-informed decision-making to take better, quicker, more relevant actions. Taught by Otterbein faculty, business experts, and industry thought leaders, the Business Analytics certificate is designed around individual Capstone projects that attack a problem of relevance to each participant, to allow students to put principles into practice immediately. In four modules, over just 12 weeks, participants will practice analytics from start to finish – framing the question, understanding the data, extracting and manipulating the data to reveal meaningful insights, and telling the right story to the right audience to achieve your desired business success.

Classes start Jan. 2019. Reserve space for your team today.

Otterbein University is ready to partner with you to sustain long-term success for your organization, whether public, private or not-for-profit. Empower your employees through the Business Analytics certificate. Certificate participants will not only complete an analytic project from start to finish, they will have practiced analytic skills that can be employed immediately in meaningful environments.

$7,500 covers the cost of the four-course certificate and all required books.

Payment options include:

  • Employer paid, billed per course.
  • Employee reimbursement plans available.
  • Employee direct pay.

For more information contact: Mary Mosca, 614.823.1652