Otterbein alumni and students leading the way in corporate wellness programs

Otterbein alumni and students leading the way in corporate wellness programs

With more companies incorporating health and wellness programs for their employees, Otterbein graduates are leading the way in this growing corporate industry.

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Be Great at the People Side of Healthcare

Healthcare is a people business at its core. Become a leader by learning how to manage, organize and impact people with high integrity.

Program Highlights

  • Perfect for individuals seeking managerial roles in the healthcare industry
  • Highly focused on the people side of healthcare
  • Course load can be customized to fit your career aspirations
  • Hybrid of online and classroom learning makes this program convenient for the working professional

You’re passionate about health care. You’re starting to see the fruits of your passion take shape in your current job. Now is the time to take that next step to truly become a leader in your profession.  

Otterbein University’s Masters of Science in Allied Healthcare Administration is one of the only graduate programs focused on developing strong talent seeking managerial roles in the healthcare industry. Whether you are currently employed as a clinician at a doctor’s office or work for customer care at a managed care organization, this highly-focused graduate degree will prepare you to make profound impacts at your organization.

Your Experience at Otterbein

At its core, healthcare is a people business, and a personalized one at that. Your experience through our Masters of Science in Allied Healthcare Administration focuses heavily on people management from patients and doctors to policy makers and human resource professionals at your organization. We strive to instill not only a sense of empathy for your colleagues or other constituents, but the actual know-how to implement programs, lead teams or become an operational juggernaut at your organization.

Your course load can be customized to fit your particular interests, and will consist of both online and classroom instruction. And true to our values as a higher education institution, this graduate program is designed with the working professional  in mind.

Completion of your degree is fulfilled by choosing to either complete a research thesis or take on a hands-on practicum project relevant to health care administration.

Healthcare Administration Curriculum

All students earning their Master of Science in Allied Health in Healthcare Administration must complete the “core” requirements (15 Total Hours) in addition to:

Advanced Practice Content Courses - (6 hours)

  • MSAH 5500 - U.S. Healthcare Policy
  • MSAH 6510 - Ethical Healthcare Leadership

One Elective Course - (3 hours)

The elective course can be taken from any graduate level program (MSAH, MBA, Education or Nursing).  Please consult your academic advisor for additional help in the selection of this course.

Thesis or Advanced Practicum: 
(Either option - repeated twice for 6 hours) 

  • MSAH 6900 - Advanced Clinical Practicum (6 hours), OR
  • MSAH 7000 - Thesis (6 hours)