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Long Term Disability Insurance

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  • Employer's Original Plan Effective Date: April 1, 2015 
  • Eligible Group(s): All full-time faculty and staff of Otterbein University in active employment. 
  • Minimum Hours Requirement: Employees must work at least three-quarter time.

Waiting Period

1st of the month coinciding with or following 12 months of employment.

The employee must be in continuous active employment in an eligible group during the specified waiting period. If a break in service occurs where premiums are not being paid, upon returning to work, the waiting period must be met again before a faculty member or other employee may participate in the Long Term Disability Plan.

Who Pays for the Coverage

Your Employer pays the cost of your coverage.

Elimination Period

180 calendar days of Disability caused by the same or a related sickness or injury, which must be accumulated within a 360 Calendar day period.

Monthly Benefit

60% of monthly earnings up to a maximum benefit of $10,000 per month.

Maximum Period of Payment

Age at Disability Maximum Period of Payment
Less than age 60  To Age 65
Age 60 60 months
Age 61 48 months
Age 62 42 months
Age 63 36 months
Age 64 30 months
Age 65 24 months
Age 66 21 months
Age 67 18 months
Age 68
15 months
 Age 69 and Over 12 months

No premium payments are required for your coverage while you are receiving payments under this plan.

Other Features:

  • Mandatory Vocational Rehabilitation Benefit Provision
  • Reasonable Accommodation Benefit
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Retirement Protection Benefit
  • Family Care Expense Benefit 


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