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Dr. Heidi Ballard

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Associate Professor

B.A., The Ohio State University, 1986
M.A., University of New Mexico, 1990
Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1996 

Research and Teaching Interests
Global Sociology, Social Change, Sustainability, Environmental Sociology, Theory, Race and Ethnicity.

Professional Affiliations and Awards

  • 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Faculty Peace and Justice Award
  • 2010 - Excellence in Education Faculty in Ohio, Ohio Magazine
  • 1996 - Outstanding Teaching Award, University of New Mexico
  • Association of Humanist Sociology - member 1997-present
  • American Sociological Association member 1997-present.
  • Ballard, Heidi., “A Review of The Theory Toolbox: Critical Concepts for the Humanities and Social Sciences, in Contemporary Sociology, Vol. 34, No. 2,: pp.206-208, March 2005.
  • Ballard, Heidi.,”Women, Work and Family: Policy Challenges for the Twenty-First Century,” in Jose a Cruz, Beky Da Cruz and Andrew Dowdle (eds.), American Politics: Transformation and Change (pp.145-155). Boston.: Pearson Publishing. 2004.; Ballard, Heidi., “A Review of Zygmunt Baumann: Prophet of Postmodernity,” in Contemporary Sociology, Volume31, No.1:97-98, November 2002.
  • Ballard, Heidi., “A Review of Power and Property in Social Theory: An Intellectual Rivalry by Dick Pels, in Contemporary Sociology, Volume 29, No.2,: 431-432, March 2000.
Personal Note to Students
Dream big and do not be afraid to ask.


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