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Michele Acker , Ph.D.

Professor , Psychology
Department of

p/ 614.823.1365
e/ macker@otterbein.edu
Office: Psychology House 101


  • B.A., Eckerd College, 1989
  • M.S., University of Michigan, M.S., 1990
  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1994

Research & Teaching Interests

  • Social psychology
  • Psychology of women
  • Gender roles- what happens when either men or women violate expected gender roles
  • Publications

    • Acker, M. (2010) Invited Review of “Latching On: The Politics of Breastfeeding in America”, Sex Roles.
    •  Acker, M. (2009). Breast is Best…But Not Everywhere: Ambivalent Sexism and Attitudes Toward Private and Public Breastfeeding. Sex Roles, 61(7), 476-490.
    •  Acker M. (Ed.) (1999-2000). Courselinks for Social Psychology. CourseWise Publishing.
    •  Acker, M. (1999). Study Guide for Social Psychology by Stephen L. Franzoi. Boston: McGraw-Hill.
    •  Acker, M. (Ed.) (1998). Perspectives on Social Psychology. CourseWise Publishing.
    •  Nelson, T. E., Acker, M. & Manis, M. (1996) Irrepressible stereotypes. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 32, 13-38.
    •  Malamuth, N. M., Linz, D., Heavey, C. L., Barnes, G., & Acker, M. (1995). Using the confluence model of sexual aggression to predict men’s conflict with women: A ten-year follow-up study. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 69(2), 353-369
    •  Acker, M. (1993). [Review of the book, Intimate relationships]. Journal of Social and Personal relationships, 10(4), 631-638.
    •  Cantor, N., Acker, M. & Cook-Flannagan, C. (1992). Conflict and preoccupation in the intimacy life task. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 63(4), 644-655.
    • Acker, M. & Davis, M. H. (1991). Intimacy, passion, and commitment in adult romantic relationships: A test of the triangular theory of love. Journal of Social and Personal relationships, 9 (1), 21-50.

    Personal Biography

    Michele Acker is chair a professor of psychology, with emphases in social psychology, industrial organizational psychology, and personality. She received her doctorate in social psychology from the University of Michigan. Dr. Acker's areas of expertise are in close personal relationships, social stereotyping, the scholarship of teaching, and social influences involving the internet. Some of her research examines perceptions of intimacy between relationship partners and the role that suspicion and trust play in relationships. She teaches courses in general psychology, social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, psychology of women, personality, and research methods. In 2000, she won the junior faculty teaching award.

    / Office of Academic Affairs

    The Office of Academic Affairs is located in Roush Hall, 27 S. Grove St.

    Office Hours

    M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    p / 614.823.1556

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