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Accessible Course Materials

Accessible Course Materials

Disability Services helps to facilitate and produce accessible course materials for students with print, visual, and mobility impairments. These materials can include textbooks, handouts, and lecture notes that are converted to electronic files such as PDFs, RTF, TXT, and Mp3s or Braille and print enlargements. Proper captioning, written descriptions, and audio descriptions for visual resources such as videos or films may also need to be provided.

If a student in your course has a need for accessible materials, we will contact you for the details regarding any print and/or visual materials required or suggested for your course. Providing our office with the title, author, edition, and ISBN numbers of any texts will help move the process forward.  

For films or videos, the title, production company, and any appropriate links are helpful. It is very important that we begin working on the materials and converting them to accessible formats well in advance of the term. 

If you happen to have your syllabus already prepared (or an old copy that is likely to remain pretty similar), that can be very helpful for our department to move forward. Any info you can share in advance is helpful and much appreciated.

Best Practices for Ensuring Accessible Course Materials

  • Ensure accessibility from the start of the term
  • Simplify text 
  • Describe graphics and images
  • Select textbook options that have accessible, electronic files already available
  • Select films and videos that have audio descriptions and captions already available
  • Ensure that content uploaded to a course management system is accessible
  • Ensure that any computer programs are accessible for a student who uses a screen-reader

/ Disability Services

Courtright Memorial Library, 2nd Floor

Office Hours


M - F: 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


p / 614-823-1610
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Kera McClain Manley
Assistant Director, Disability Services
Library, Room #228


Kristy Drobney
Academic Support Center
Library, Room #225

Beth Domanik
Administrative Assistant
Academic Support Center
Library, Room #229

Sara Banaie
Testing/Alt Media Coordinator
Library, Room #203