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SRF-Presentation Grant

About Student Research Fund Grants

Deadline: SRF-Presentation Grants are evaluated on a rolling basis.  There are no official deadlines for this type of grant.

The Student Research Fund is intended to not only help students pay for original research and creative work, but also help students present the results of that work at professional conferences and meetings. These grants are distinct from the SRF-Research Grants (for more information on those, see here).   YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE HELD AN SRF-RESEARCH GRANT TO QUALIFY FOR AN SRF-PRESENTATION GRANT.  Each applicant is eligible for up to $400 in support of their presentation.  Please keep in mind that these grants are still competitive and that funds are limited.  It is entirely likely that money will not be available for SRF-Presentation grants late in the academic year, particularly not after the last SRF-Research Grant deadline in April. If you hope to apply late in the year, please contact the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs to check on fund availability (Diane Nance, dnance@otterbein.edu, x1846)

Applying for an SRF-Presentation Grant:

Unlike the SRF-Research Grants, Presentation Grants will be funded on a rolling basis.  There is no deadline for SRF-Presentation Grants, you may apply as soon as your presentation has been accepted by your conference or meeting.  We will do our best to respond to your request within 2 weeks, but do keep in mind that some times of year will be busier than others.  Allow as much time as possible for a reply, as we cannot pay for travel that occurs before the grant is awarded.  

To apply for a grant you need to submit the following to the Office of Sponsored Programs:

1)  The SRF-Presentation Grant Cover Sheet (Presentation-Coversheet) - Please note, both you and your advisor must sign this form.

2)  Your Budget -  Please include a complete budget for all aspects of your proposed presentation (including both those portions that you intend to pay for with SRF funds as well as those that will require funding from other sources). If additional funding has already been secured, you can specify the source and amount here. This information is usually most easily understood if presented in a table (example included below). See the section below entitled “Allowed Expenses for SRF-Presentation Grants” for more information about what expenses we can and cannot cover.

Expenses Calculation SRF Request  Additional Funding Needed  Total 
Poster Printing  $50   $50    $50
 Hotel  $110 X 3 nights  $100  $230  $330
 Plane Tickets  $450  $250  $200  $450
 Total   $400   $430  $830

3)   A copy of the abstract you submitted to the conference

A copy of the letter of acceptance you received from the meeting -  You must have your acceptance to present at the time of your application; we no longer grant SRF-Presentation Grants pending acceptance.

Completed applications should be sent to Diane Nance (Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs, Towers 13, dnance@otterbein.edu).

Allowed Expenses for SRF-Presentation Grants:

What we can fund:

  • Printing expenses
  • Meals while traveling for or attending the conference
  • Accommodation at the conference if located more than 50 miles from Otterbein (during the school year) or your summer residence.
  • Travel to and from the conference – if driving, please note that in accordance with Otterbein University policy, we reimburse at the rate of $0.45/mile.  This includes the cost of gas for that trip, we do not reimburse additionally for gas even with receipts.
  • Registration fees for the conference

Note:  We will reimburse for travel costs that were booked before the grant was made, but we cannot reimburse for travel that has already taken place. Even if you apply before the deadline, if you travel to your conference before you have been notified of your award we will not be able to reimburse you.  Be sure to leave enough time for the committee to respond before you have to travel to your conference.

What we cannot reimburse:

  • Expenses incurred before grant was issued
  • Expenses in excess of the grant
  • Accomodation at conferences located less than 50 miles from Otterbein (during the school year) or your summer residence.
  • Alcoholic beverages

Duration of Grant:

All Student Research Fund grants are typically open for 24 months.  However, because a notice of acceptance is required for the SRF-Presentation Grant, it is unlikely that you’ll be applying for a conference more than a few months in advance.  While you have up to 24 months to request reimbursement for travel expenses, we strongly encourage you to request your reimbursement immediately upon your return. 

As with the SRF-Research Grants, former students of Otterbein cannot apply after they graduate or transfer.  However, we recognize that the timing of conferences is not always convenient, so we allow current students of Otterbein University to apply for money to support presentations that will occur in the semester AFTER they graduate.  They will still only have the semester after they graduate to apply for reimbursement.  After the end of the semester following their graduation, the funds will no longer be available.

For example:  If you are going to graduate in the Spring Semester of your senior year and you wish to present your senior research at a conference that takes place in the summer, you must apply to the conference and submit your application for SRF-Presentation Grant funding before you graduate (in either the Fall or Spring Semester).  This means you must receive notice of your acceptance at the conference before you graduate, or we will not be able to fund your request.  You can then travel to the conference in the Summer Semester after you graduate, and submit the paperwork for reimbursement before the start of the following Fall semester.  

Multiple Students Traveling Together:

We understand that in many cases, you will not be the only student attending a particular conference.  We are entirely open to you sharing travel expenses, and encourage departments to consider using an Otterbein van as a way to save on transportation costs for nearby meetings. Groups of students can share a single expense report for reimbursement, but only one reimbursement check will be issued.  See the Claiming Expenses page for specific instructions regarding reimbursement for group travel.

Completing your grant:

You have 24 months to present your work and claim reimbursement for expenses (unless you graduate during that time, see Duration of Grant above).  We will already have a copy of your abstract on file from your initial application, so your final expense claim will serve as the signal to close your grant.  If you were granted more money than you will be claiming, let us know so we can close your grant and make the remaning funds available for the next round of grants.  You will not be able to apply for further SRF grants so long as you have two active grants.

/Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs

Towers Hall
Rooms 12, 13 and 14
1 South Grove Street
Westerville, Ohio 43081
f/ 614.823.3101

/ Staff

Diane Nance, Director
p/ 614.823.1846
e/ dnance@otterbein.edu

Bridgette Cahalin, Development Associate
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e/ cahalin@otterbein.edu