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Intermediate Drawing

Intermediate drawing emphasizes drawing from the human figure. You will work with a variety of drawing materials and are introduced to rendering techniques that involve development of line, form, and color. 

In-class studies based on observation of the model include anatomical studies, proportion, and movement. These observational studies serve to give you confidence in working with the figure and a range of drawing processes. The ability to work with these materials and render the human figure are applied to more conceptual projects throughout the term.

You will be introduced to project assignments through slide lectures and videos which cover the use of the figure throughout history. You will research figurative traditions from global cultures and are asked to incorporate these elements in drawing projects.

Group critiques, sketchbook and writing assignments are integral to your understanding the creative process of the contemporary artist and approaches to drawing. Field trips, visiting artist lectures and gallery talks offer you a broad range of ideas in the development of their personal vision.

Advanced Drawing

Advanced drawing emphasizes the individual development of your personal vision and expression in drawing. This dedicated time and space offers you an opportunity to apply the conceptual and technical skills developed in previous course work.

You will explore a variety of media and methods based on personal interests determined after consultation with the instructor. Traditional and alternative methods in drawing are presented to the advanced student through slide lectures, videos and gallery or museum visits.

You will choose specific methods and approaches to apply to a series of works for your final project. Writing assignments and individual and group discussions encourage you to develop critical thinking, writing and verbal skills.

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