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Student working with camera on set

Full-Time Faculty & Staff

Communication Studies

Journalism and Media Communication

  • Eric Jones

    Eric Jones, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    p/ 614.823.3388
    e/ EJones@otterbein.edu
    Office: 33 Collegeview, C125

    Contact me about the journalism & media communication major  and the communication honor society.
  • Jean Kelly

    Jean Kelly, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    p/ 614.823.3382
    e/ JKelly@otterbein.edu
    Office: 33 Collegeview, C113

    Contact me about the journalism & media communication major and the Communication Abilities scholarship.
  • HIllary Warren

    Hillary Warren, Ph.D.

    p/ 614.823.3377
    e/ HWarren@otterbein.edu
    Office: 33 Collegeview, C127

    Contact me about the journalism & media communication major and the student news website.

Public Relations/Health Communications

  • Denise Shively

    Denise Shively, APR

    Senior Instructor, Public Relations
    p/ 614.823.3383
    e/ DShively@otterbein.edu
    Office: 33 Collegeview Rd, C119

    Contact me about majors or minors in public relations or health communication, working in nonprofit organizations, or traveling abroad with one of our travel courses.
  • Dan Steinberg

    Daniel Steinberg, APR

    Instructor, Public Relations & Health Communication
    p/ 614.823.1463
    e/ DSteinberg@otterbein.edu
    Office: 33 Collegeview Rd, C115

    Contact me about any questions, concerns or issues regarding public relations or health communication.

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Willmore Kanyongo
e/ WKanyongo@otterbein.edu

John Ludlum, Ph.D.
e/ JLudlum@otterbein.edu

Jim Martin
Senior Lecturer
e/ JVMmartin@otterbein.edu

Keith Newman
e/ KNewman@otterbein.edu

Nancy Sapadin Paul
e/ NPaul@otterbein.edu

John Reynolds
Senior Lecturer
e/ JReynolds@otterbein.edu

Dr. Tracy Tupman
e/ TTupman@otterbein.edu

Mike Wagner
T&C Magazine Adviser
e/ MWagner@otterbein.edu


Mark Pfeiffer
Production Coordinator and Assistant Director of Television
p/ 614.823.1756
e/ MPfeiffer@otterbein.edu

Steve Rossman
Assistant Director of Television/Engineering
p/ 614.823.1613
e/ SRossman@otterbein.edu