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Health Communication

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Students listing to a medical professionalHere's what you'll do in the Health Communication major:

  • Manage communications in a health care setting.
  • Learn how to strategically create and design health information campaigns to overcome health issues.
  • Master the terminology necessary to “speak” health care.

Do you like to solve problems? Enjoy strategizing the best ways to combat health issues? Do you have skills that include problem-solving, seeing the “big-picture” and setting strategies to devise campaigns?

The answers to these questions might lead you to major in health communication at Otterbein. From identifying health communication problems and solving them, to creating strategic plans and executing them, you will learn and practice the elements of strategic planning and problem-solving in health communication setting.

You might:

  • Master the language and processes of health communication in personal and public contexts;
  • Understand health care communication within various social contexts;
  • Affect health issues and how policy is made in regulatory and legislative arenas;
  • Write clearly and strategically for multiple/targeted audiences;
  • Speak as informer, advocate, or persuader;
  • Problem-solve real health communication issues;

You will be guided by faculty members who have real-world experience in health settings and are actively involved in the ever-changing health-communication profession.

/ Department of Communication

Diane Wootton
Administrative Assistant
33 Collegeview Rd., C110
p/ 614.823.3380
e/ dwootton@otterbein.edu

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