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Teacher Education Licensure Programs

Otterbein is committed to creating great programs to train the next generation of top level teachers. The courses we offer are designed to provide a well-rounded, experiential learning preparing teachers to be successful in the classroom. The following programs are offered at the undergraduate level. For specific course requirements, refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

Early Childhood Program Teaching Licensure

Otterbein's Early Childhood Program (B.S.E.) leads to licensure for teaching ages three through eight or pre-kindergarten through grade three.

Candidates must choose one required concentration area from:

  • Early Childhood 4-5 Generalist (includes endorsement)
  • Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (includes second license)
  • Specialized Content Strand

Middle Childhood Teaching Licensure

Otterbein's Middle Childhood Program (B.S.E.) leads to licensure for teaching ages 8-14 (grades 4-9).

Candidate must choose two required concentration areas from:

  • Language Arts and Reading (does not include reading endorsement)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Integrated Science Teaching Licensure

The Integrated Science Education Program (B.S.E.) leads to an Ohio four-year Resident Educator teaching license in Integrated Science for teaching in grades 7-12. 

Adolescent to Young Adult Teaching Licensure

Education students pursuing the Adolescent to Young Adult Licensure must pursue a Bachelor's Degree in their specific content firld (i.e., teaching area), as well as meet the additional requirements through Otterbein's education department.

Available teaching areas include:

  • Integrated Language Arts (English Literary Studies major)
  • Integrated Mathematics (Math major)
  • Integrated Social Studies (History major)
  • Integrated Science (teach and science, 7-12)
  • Chemistry (Chemisrty major)
  • Life Sciences (Biology major)
  • Physics (Physics major)
  • Physical Sciences: Chemistry and Physics (post-baccaulareate only) 

Earning a Multi-Age Teaching Licensure

Candidates pursuing the Adolescent to Young Adult Licensure must pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in their content field (i.e., teaching area), as well as meet additional requirements through the Education Department. Available teaching areas include:

Available teaching areas include:

  • Foreign Language (French* or Spanish)
  • Music Education
  • Visual Art

*NOTE: Otterbein no longer offers a major or teaching licensure in French at the undergraduate level.  However, a candidate with a degree in French may pursue licensure at the Post-Baccalaureate level.


  • Early Childhood 4-5 Generalist Endorsement (Undergraduate/Graduate)
    This endorsement may only be added to an Early Childhood license.
  • Middle Childhood 4-6 Generalist Endorsement (Undergraduate/Graduate)
    This endorsement may only be added to a Middle Childhood license.
  • Reading, K-12 (Graduate only)
  • TESOL, K-12 (Graduate only)

Requirements for Ohio Teaching Licensure

A detailed description of requirements for candidates seeking degrees and licensure in Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, and Integrated Science is listed in the Teacher Education Program Booklet. For AYA and Multi-Age candidates, the requirements for the major may differ from the licensure, but both must be met to become licensed, and the major must be completed to receive a Bachelor’s degree.

Department of Education program requirements and courses are listed in the Otterbein University Undergraduate Catalog.

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The Department of Education is located in Roush Hall Room 430.

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