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Department of English

We believe.

We believe in the power of literature, language, and creative expression. We believe that imagination and interpretation can awaken us. We believe that reading and writing are transformative -- even revolutionary -- acts. And we live in the voices, the stories, the words.

Our mission:
In English Studies, you will explore the transformative power of the written word. You will come into voice as thinkers, readers, and writers. You will engage literature as a form of personal, creative, and cultural expression. You will encounter texts that explore gripping human realities and raise enduring social questions. And you will practice writing as a critical and artistic endeavor.

Majors and Minors

We offer majors in Creative Writing, Literary Studies, and Teacher Education (ILA). We also offer minors in Creative Writing, Literary Studies, and Film Studies (interdisciplinary). Learn more.

/ Department of English

Shannon Lakanen
Department Chair
Towers Hall 228

p / 614.823.1211
e / slakanen@otterbein.edu 

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