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Faculty and Staff

Health and Sport Sciences Full-Time Faculty

Health and Sport Science Staff

Charles P. Goodwin, ATC, AT, M.E.S.S

Head Athletic Trainer and Clinical Instructor
p/ 614.823.1634
e/ cgoodwin@otterbein.edu
Office: Clements Recreation Center 101G

Danielle Kilboy, M.S., ATC, AT

Assistant Athletic Trainer and Clinical Instructor
p/ 614.823.3507
e/ dkilboy@otterbein.edu
Office: Clements Recreation Center 101 

Annette Harting Boose'94

Academic Administrative Assistant
p/ 614.823.3528
e/ aharting@otterbein.edu
Office: HSS 103

Health and Sport Science Adjunct Faculty

Health and Physical Education Lifestyle Series (HPES) Instructors

p/ 614.823.3528

  • Mark Anderson 
  • Lynn Aventino
  • Larry Banaszak
  • Brian Broadwater
  • Pamela Conn
  • Lisa Hunsaker
  • Bobbie Kuhns
  • Michelle Morrison Townsend, LTM
  • Melinda Murphy
  • Alexis Roccos
  • Tammy Plaxico

/ Department of Health and Sport Sciences

Center of Health & Sport Sciences 
New Location:
140 Center Street 

Annette Boose

p/ 614.823.3528
e/ aharting@otterbein.edu

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