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Race and Ethnic Studies Program

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What is RES at Otterbein University?

The Race and Ethnic Studies program at Otterbein University promotes the critical study of race and ethnicity from disciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives.  Courses examine historical and contemporary constructions of race and ethnicity, in national and transnational contexts. 

While the program’s primary focus is the United States, RES at Otterbein regards the processes of racialization and ethnic identity formation as occurring across borders and nations.  As the program makes systems of institutionalized marginalization, racial privilege, racial and ethnic superiority, and white supremacist terrorism visible, students gain a critical perspective on both historical and immediate social contexts.  As it considers possibilities for ethnic and racial solidarity, students learn strategies for racial and economic justice.

Course offerings for 2016-17

Fall 2016:
  • FYS 1054:  The History of Rock and Roll.  Anthony DeStefanis.  TR 2-3:45.
  • HIST 2400:  US Between the Wars, 1865-1941.  Anthony DeStefanis.  TR 12-1:45.
  • JAMC 3500: Race, Gender & Class in Media.  Janice Windborne.  R 6-9:30. (lower level RES core course)
  • MUSC 3046:  American Popular Music.  Michael Yonchak.  MWF 9:25-10:35. (counts as sub for INST 2600)
  • PSYC 2410:  Diversity in Psychology.  Denise Hatter-Fisher.  W 6-9:30. (lower level RES core course)
  • SPAN 3000:  Latin American Civilization and Culture.  Carmen Galarce.  MWF 10:50-12. (prereq SPAN 2100)
  • SYE 4014:  Issues in Minority Health.  Rob Braun.  TR 8-9:45

Spring 2017:

  • FYS 1054:  The History of Rock and Roll.  Anthony DeStefanis.  MWF 3:05-4:15.
  • HIST 4450:  History of US Social Protest Moments:  The African American Civil Rights Movement.  Anthony DeStefanis.  MWF 10:50-12.
  • SOCL 3030:  Poverty, Wealth, and Inequality.  TBA.  TR 2-3:45.
  • SOCL 3060:  Sociology of Race and Ethnicity.  Heidi Ballard.  MWF 10:50-12. (upper level RES core course)
  • SPAN 3200:  Latin American Literature and Film.  Carmen Galarce.  MWF 8-9:10. (prereq SPAN 3000)

See the Otterbein University Course Catalog for a detailed description of each class.

/ Contact

Dr. Phyllis Lynne Burns
RES Program Director
p / 614.823.1221
e / plburns@otterbein.edu

p / 614.823.1500
e / uotterb@otterbein.edu

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