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Race and Ethnic Studies Minor

Otterbein offers an inter-disciplinary  minor in Race and Ethnic Studies through its RES program.

Requirements (18 credit hours)

Five courses (total) are required to earn a Race and Ethnic Studies minor.  No more than two of the courses taken may come from a single course prefix.  Of those five courses, students must take:

  • Three are elective courses (no more than two of which may be non-domestic)
  • One core course at the 1000 or 2000 level from the following:
       ENG 2230: Studies in African American Literatures
       PHIL 2500: Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity
       PSYC 2410: Diversity in Psychology
  • One core course at the 3000 or 4000 level from the following:
       HIST 3800: U.S. Immigration, Race and Ethnicity
       JAMC 3500: Race, Gender & Class in Media
       SOCL 3060: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity


See the Otterbein University Course Catalog for a complete listing of current Race and Ethnic Studies Program classes.

/ Contact

Dr. Phyllis Lynne Burns
RES Program Director
p / 614.823.1221
e / plburns@otterbein.edu

p / 614.823.1500
e / uotterb@otterbein.edu

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