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Grade Requirements

1. A minimum grade of "C" is required in:

  • BIOL 1810, 1820, 2800, 2900
  • Chemistry 1100/1110 and 1200
  • Integrative Studies 1500
  • Psychology 1000, and 2000
  • Math 1240

If a grade less than "C" is earned, these courses must be repeated in order to meet prerequisite and degree requirements.

2. A minimum grade of "C+" is required in all nursing courses. To proceed in the sequence of nursing courses, all prerequisite nursing courses must be completed with a "C+" or better.

3. Whenever a B.S.N. student interrupts enrollment in the three-year sequence of nursing courses (regardless of reason), the student must apply for re-enrollment into nursing courses at least one quarter prior to re-entry (for fall re-entry, application must be submitted by the last Friday in January). Late submission of materials may negatively effect the student's re-enrollment. Re-enrollment is not guaranteed and is determined by the Professional Review Committee on an individual basis. the full policy and procedure for re-enrollment is located in the Department of Nursing Undergraduate Student Handbook.

4. A student receiving two grades of "C-" (C minus) or lower in the original attempt in BIOL 1810, 1820, 2800, 2900; CHEM 1100/1110 and 1200 and MATH 1240; a grade of "C" in any nursing course); or any combination of these courses will no longer be able to continue in the B.S.N. Program. A student may attempt only one nursing course twice in the B.S.N. Program. An attempt is defined as being enrolled in a course beyond the 25th class day. Receiving a grade of "C" or lower or a "W" (Withdrawal) in the original attempt of any nursing course will constitute an attempt.

5. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.7 is required to receive the B.S.N. degree.


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Graduate Programs
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