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Otterbein University Department of Theatre & Dance

Apply to the BFA Theatre Design & Technology Program

Application for Theatre Design & Technology Candidates

Please submit your application for academic admission to Otterbein University. Then create your profile for online scheduling at Acceptd and upload the following:

  • Your resume
  • Headshot or photo (Photo needs to be recent and does not need to be professionally done)
  • Submit 3-4 samples of your strongest work. Art work, photographs, sound clips, and video are all acceptable.  Stage managers may submit up to 5 pages of a prompt script (scanned into a single document).  

After we receive your profile, you will be granted access to schedule your interview & portfolio review. BFA Theatre Design & Technology students can interview on campus or off campus during a select number of Unified audition locations.  On campus interviews take place during one of our scheduled dates or during individually scheduled appointments. 

Scheduling a campus visit in tandem with your interview allows you to sit in on classes and receive complimentary tickets to a featured main stage production.

Applicants should direct questions to Eryn Kane at eryn.kane@otterbein.edu or 614.823.1657.

Interview & Portfolio Review

Portfolio reviews are required for all BFA Design & Technology applicants.  Interviews specifics are located on the getacceptd.com website.

Please submit your Acceptd profile at least 30 days prior to your desired portfolio review date.  Please note that students are given access to online scheduling on a first-come, first-served basis and earlier submissions will have a wider selection of available dates.

What is the interview like?

Your interview visit will begin with a conversation with a member of the faculty where you’ll get an overview of Otterbein’s program and have a chance to ask questions.  The actual interview will be a two-way conversation between you and the entire BFA Design & Technology faculty and teaching staff.  We all want to get to know you and we want you to get to know all of us. We want to hear about your past experiences and future goals, in an effort to determine if you and Otterbein are a good fit for each other.

Do I have enough experience?

Though many of our students have had the benefit of coming from excellent arts high schools, students of varying levels of experience have been granted admission to the program.  Any student who possess the qualities that make good theatre professionals: strong work ethic, passion, dedication, open-mindedness, problem solving, and an eye for style can have success in Otterbein’s individualized programs. Otterbein has a great program for both experienced students and those just beginning their formal theatre education.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

  • Resume: Students should bring 1-5 copies of their resume outlining their experience in theatre and any other skills/experiences the student might find relevant.  A sample resume (PDF) is provided for reference.

  • Portfolio: Whenever possible, we would like to see visual examples of the work students have done.  This can be in the form of drafting/drawings, photographs, or actual samples of small projects such as paint samples or costume accessories.  Valuable information on how to prepare a portfolio of sample work (PDF)

Admission Decisions

University admission decisions and BFA Design & Technology decisions are made on a rolling basis. Students must be accepted to both the university and the BFA program to enroll in Design & Technology coursework.