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Students in an engineering lab
Girl engineering student in the lab

Stand at the Cutting Edge of Innovation

Being an engineer at Otterbein is one part technical problem-solving and two parts creativity. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to your engineering education - combining the important aspects of mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering with a liberal arts foundation in order to provide you with practical and cultural experiences toward finding solutions to everyday problems.
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Why Study Engineering at Otterbein University?

  • Small class sizes, which means accessible faculty and lots of individual attention.
  • Hands-on labs and team projects in each course.
  • Combines mechanical, industrial and electrical engineering principles with Otterbein’s nationally-recognized Integrative Studies (general education) program.
  • Focus on interdisciplinary problem solving of real-life engineering problems.
  • Help in getting summer internships that will enable students to gain practical, professional experience.

Tomorrow's engineers will need to be multidisciplinary; and social, political, and economic forces will impact technological innovation.

National Academy of Engineering

The Point at Otterbein University

The Point and its STEAM Innovation Center connects business and industry with our students and faculty to provide experiential learning opportunities for Otterbein and local high school students through internships, research projects, career services and employment to ensure a strong future workforce for the state.

Freshman Engineering Team Projects

This year for the ENGR1010 term project, students were tasked with creating a custom soft drink dispenser. These machines used microcontroller-controlled valves, combined with a MATLAB HMI to allow end users to dispense custom mixed soft drinks. Students competed for lowest cost, highest precision and robustness awards. This video shows the winning design in action:

I’m heading into a Fortune 500 company for an internship with only one year of engineering courses under my belt. I quickly realized that I didn’t have to know all the answers to the problems but really how to find them. Otterbein taught me that.

Erick Martinez '18