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Global and Intercultural Engagement

Students have the opportunity at Otterbein to study abroad and to participate in local and regional cultural immersion programs. Through intercultural experiences, students gain a deeper knowledge of and respect for another culture’s worldview, its values, customs, and traditions. They may develop greater linguistic proficiency in another language and the ability to engage in meaningful communication with people in another culture. Students also develop global and cross-cultural competencies as they gain a deeper appreciation for diversity.

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Opportunities to Earn this Card

Click here to see the opportunities. Read about students earning this Card on their trips to Austria, England, and Vienna!

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will interpret and act on intercultural experiences, demonstrating an understanding of multiple worldviews.
  • Students will develop a global/intercultural mindset (integrate and apply concepts and practices across cognitive, affective, academic, and cultural boundaries).
  • Students will initiate and develop interactions/relationships with culturally different others.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of elements important to members of other cultures in relation to history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, or beliefs and practices.
  • Students will recognize difference and ambiguity as opportunities for learning about self and others

Personalized Cardinal Experience 

Many courses, co-curricular activities, research opportunities, non-credit bearing work, and off-campus experiences can serve as a Personalized Cardinal Experience (PCE). Review the application for the Global Engagement and Intercultural Experienced Card to determine if an experience may qualify. Each Personalized Cardinal Experience needs to be sponsored by a faculty or staff member who will help you identify how the experience will meet the criteria for earning a Card. A PCE Checklist should be completed with your sponsor prior to participation. 

To start your Personalized Cardinal Experience journey complete the form below with your Card sponsor. 

Personalized Cardinal Experience Global and Intercultural Engagement

More Information

For more information on global and intercultural engagement visit the Center for International Education and Global Engagement webpage.


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Associate Dean Experiential Learning and Community Engagement

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Five Cards Graduate Assistant

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Global and Intercultural Engagement