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Integrative Studies

Integrative Studies

The Integrative Studies Program, begun in 1969, is at the heart of Otterbein’s commitment to liberal learning and is the largest component of general education at the University. The program prepares Otterbein undergraduates for the challenges and complexity of a 21st century world. It foregrounds interdisciplinary and integrative skills, competencies, and ways of knowing and is committed to the premise that one's learning should serve and shape one's chosen responsibilities in and to the world.

Learning Goals

  1. To inspire intellectual curiosity about the world as it is and a deeper understanding of the global condition.
  2. To assist students in cultivating intercultural knowledge and competencies.
  3. To promote active and critical reflection on the human self and its place in the world.
  4. To challenge students to critically examine their ethical responsibilities and choices in both local and global contexts.
  5. To encourage purposeful public engagement and social responsibility.

First begun in 1969, the IS program has repeatedly been honored for its commitment to integrative and liberal education.


Integrative Studies Program
1 South Grove Street
Westerville, OH 43081

Denise Shively, Chairperson
Phone: 614.823.3383
Katie Cherry
Graduate Assistant
Phone: 614.823.1124