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Leadership Certificate for Adults

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Not everyone’s a born leader.
But you can learn how to become one.

Learn what makes a successful leader.  Discover your leadership skills and learn how to apply them to make an impact in your career and community.  Earn a Leadership Certificate by taking just four courses entirely in the evening.  The certificate offered through Otterbein’s Leadership Studies program is the next step in the university’s longstanding commitment to developing tomorrow’s leaders today.

Why is the Leadership Certificate from Otterbein important for adults? 
You'll learn, experience and develop: 

  • the ability to apply leadership theories and perspectives to specific leadership challenges; 
  • how to lead and facilitate teams;
  • how to manage nature of conflict and various conflict management styles; 
  • competence in developing and presenting oral and written communication, including leading and facilitating team-based and individual leadership projects; 
  • increased self-confidence, emotional intelligence, appreciation for diversity, ability to learn on their own, appreciation of their personal strengths/personality styles and values, and the impact of those styles on the actions and choices they make as leaders.  

“With changes in the economic climate, workers are being tapped more and more to lead groups and to be involved in change initiatives,” said Maria Polak, Otterbein’s director of Leadership Studies.  “They need more leadership skills to be successful in this environment and are looking to learn how to be more effective with and through others.  Our new Leadership Certificate will help develop and document their efforts toward that success.”

Courses in the Leadership Certificate

  • LEAD 3700 (The Emerging Leader) 4 hours
  • LEAD 3710 (Transformational Leadership) 4 hours
  • LEAD 3720 (Leadership: Organizational and Team Dynamics) 4 hours
  • LEAD 3730 (Leadership Project) 4 hours

The certificate will be included in the final transcript.  Courses can also count toward a bachelor’s degree in the new Organizational Leadership evening major for adults, or the Liberal Studies in Leadership degree completion major.

More Information

For more information about the Leadership Certificate, contact the Office of Admission at 614-823-1500 or cardinalinfo@otterbein.edu

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Wendy Sherman Heckler
Associate VPAA and Dean of University Programs
p/ 614-823-1556

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The Office of Admission is located in Clippinger Hall, 
102 W. College Ave.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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