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Obituaries are listed here by the date of death (from most recent).
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  • Wallace Hood

    Feb 11, 1935 –  Apr 28, 2017

    Wally Hood died April 28, 2017.He was a high school and college football coach finishing his career at Otterbein in 2002.  He was Coach of the Year in 1959, 1982, 1988 and 2002 and was elected to the Ohio High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame in 2008.  He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Irma; three sons; and five grandchildren.
  • Clarence R. Cole

    Nov 20, 1918 –  Apr 11, 2017

    Clarence Cole '41 died April 11, 2017 at the age of 98.  He was the chairman of the Department of Veterinary Pathology and dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the Ohio State University in the 1960s.  He was preceded in death by his wife of 69 years, Mary; and brother, Forrest Cole '51.  He is survived by three children; six children; seven great-grandchildren; and  niece, Nancy Scott Sturtz '72.
  • Gary Tirey

    Apr 1, 2017

    Gary Tirey died April 1, 2017.  He was the professor emeritus of tuba and director of instrumental music at Otterbein for 38 years.  He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Gretchen; one son; one daughter, Paige Tirey Zilincik '93; and three grandchildren.
  • Joseph C. Hendrix

    Jul 2, 1918 –  Mar 28, 2017

    Joseph Hendrix '40 died March 28, 2017 at the age of 98.  He was a veteran of the U.S.Navy serving during World War II on the U.S.S. Saturn supplying European and Caribbean troops.  At his retirement, he was maintenance superintendent for the National Park Service.  He was preceded in death by his wife of 75 years, Lois.  He is survived by four children, including  Mary Hendrix Myers '64 and Jacquelyn Hendrix Marion '67; four grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren;
  • Lawrence J. Gillum

    Jan 7, 1925 –  Mar 26, 2017

    Larry Gillum '50 died March 26, 2017.  He was World War II veteran.  He was a music teacher and supervisor working in Ohio.  Both he and his wife of 66 years, Betty Smith Gillum '50, served churches in Ohio and Florida as a music team.  He is survived by his wife, a son, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
  • Mary Smith Strohbeck

    Aug 8, 1920 –  Mar 17, 2017

    Mary Smith Strohbeck '42 died March 17, 2017.  She was preceded in death by her husband of 62 years, Robert; and by sisters, Edna Smith Zech '33 and Ella Smith Toedtman '36. She is survived by four children.
  • Patricia Orndorff Ernsberger

    Apr 25, 1921 –  Feb 25, 2017

    Patricia Orndorff Ernsberger '43 died Feb. 25, 2017. She and her husband owned and operated Ernsberger Flower and Seed store, Ernsberger Builder, Inc., and Williams Grill. She was church historian for Church of the Messiah U.M. for 25 years and participated in numerous community organizations in Westerville. She was a member of Theta Nu sorority. She was preceded in death by her husband of more than 71 years, Warren Ernsberger '43; her father-in-law, Roland P. Ernsberger '17; brother, Richard  Orndorff '48; brothers-in-law, Paul Ernsberger '44 and Ralph W. Ernsberger '39; and sister-in-law, Meriam Haffey Ernsberger '45; She is survived by a daughter, Wendy Williams; nephew, Richard H. Orndorff '65; two grandchildren including, Christopher J. Williams '02 and relative, Michael D. Altmaier '71.
  • Weyland F. Bale

    Oct 20, 1921 –  Feb 22, 2017

    Weyland Bale '43 died Feb. 22, 2017. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Force serving in World War II as an aerial gunner. He retired from North American Aviation and Accuray Industrial Nucleonics, then worked at Lowes in Lancaster for 17 years.  He was preceded in death by is wife of 69 years, Leona; siblings, Lillian Bale Roof '42 and Warren Bale '47.  He is survived by three daughters; six grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandson; and sister, Anna Bale Weber '49.
  • William A. Jefferis

    Dec 6, 1917 –  Feb 16, 2017

    William A. Jefferis '47 died Feb. 16, 2017. He served as education director for Dayton Power and Light for 29 years.  He was preceded in death his first wife, F. Isabelle; second wife, Mildred; and four siblings including brother, Paul Henson Jefferis '41. He is survived by nephews and nieces.
  • Ralph Bragg

    Apr 15, 1934 –  Feb 13, 2017

    Ralph Bragg '56 died Feb.13, 2017.  He practiced  law  focused on real estate with the firm of Spengler, Nathanson, Heyman, McCarthy & Durfee in Toledo, OH, for over 50 years. He was preceded in death by his parents, Helen and Emerson Bragg '26; and brother-in-law, Donald Williams '41. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Ann Brentlinger Bragg '56; four children, including James Bragg '83; 11 grandchildren; one great-grandson; and sister-in-law, Caroline Brentlinger Williams '51.

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