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Writing an effective resume and cover letter can open the door to an interview, but strong interviewing skills will get you the job. The ability to articulate your skills and experiences and match them to the internship or job in question are crucial to being hired. Like any learned skill, interviewing improves with practice. 

Preparation involves:

  • Thoroughly researching the company and learning as much as you can about the opportunity.
  • Reflection. Determine how your skills and experiences align with the needs of your audience. 
  • Reviewing typical questions and preparing strategies for answering them.
  • Selecting specific examples or "stories" that best illustrate your strengths, background and values.
  • Developing questions to ask of your interviewer(s).
  • Practicing your interviewing skills.
Practice Interviews

A practice interview with a Career Center staff member is a non-stressful experience with instant feedback about your performance. This will enable you to see firsthand what improvements are needed both in your ability to describe your experiences and strengths in a concise yet complete manner, as well as in the area of nonverbal communication. This is the time to ask all those questions you have about interview etiquette and answering difficult questions. To schedule a practice interview call 614-823-1456 or complete our appointment request form

Informational Interviews
An informational interview is a focused meeting/conversation with a networking contact designed to help you choose or refine your career path by giving you the 'insider' point of view. To learn more, click here.


/ Center for Career & Professional Development

The Center for Career & Professional Development is located on the corner of S. Grove and
W. Home streets near the Campus Center and behind "The Rock."

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Walk-In Hours
M-F: 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Ryan Brechbill, Executive Director
e/ rbrechbill@otterbein.edu

Taylor Lowry, Assistant Director
e/ tsutton@otterbein.edu

Meagan Toohey, Career Advisor
e/ toohey1@otterbein.edu

Sara Yinger, Administrative Assistant
e/ syinger@otterbein.edu

p/ 614.823.1456
f/ 614.823.3052

Center for Career & Professional Development
1 South Grove Street
Westerville, OH 43081


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