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Computer Lab Policies

Lab Policies Part 1: General Use

  1. Otterbein computer labs are open to any student currently enrolled at Otterbein either part-time or full-time. Campus labs are also open to faculty and staff of Otterbein University. INDIVIDUALS NOT ENROLLED AT OTTERBEIN OR EMPLOYED BY OTTERBEIN ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE CAMPUS COMPUTER FACILITIES.

  2. No student may copy any software or files of any kind from any Otterbein-owned computer for any reason (including residence hall machines). Doing so is a violation of state and federal copyright laws.

  3. No student may install or copy any software (programs, games, chat software, etc.) onto any Otterbein-owned computer for any reason. Doing so is a violation of college computer use policies (see the Student Conduct page where the Campus life handbook is located.). NO GAMES OF ANY KIND THAT ARE NOT APPROVED AND INSTALLED BY THE STAFF OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ARE PERMITTED IN ANY LABS ON CAMPUS.

  4. No student may attempt to gain access to any other student, faculty, or administrator's computer files without explicit permission from the concerned party.

  5. No student may for any reason use/alter/examine any computer located in the offices of staff members in both the Administrative and Academic Computing departments without explicit permission from the concerned party. 

  6. No student may attempt to gain access to non-public computer network files/information.

Lab Policies Part 2: After-Hours Access

Otterbein students who wish to remain after-hours in computer facilities that have after-hour access must:

  1. Show the student lab assistant closing the lab a current student ID.

  2. Fill in their requested personal information on an After-Hours Sign-Up Sheet.

  3. Not allow entry into lab facilities to anyone not properly signed-in on an After-Hours Sign-Up Sheet.

  4. Not prop open any door to the facility.

  5. Turn off all lights if the last to leave.

  6. If a math and computer science student, be on the approved after-hours access list from the Math and Computer Science Department to stay in Towers 127.

As a measure to ensure productive lab time for Otterbein students, these rules need to be carefully observed. Individuals who do not comply with these rules will be referred to Judicial Council which can revoke their lab privileges indefinitely.

/Contact Information

ITS Help Desk
p/ 614.823.3100 
e/ helpdesk@otterbein.edu

Lab Support
p/ 614.823.1359
e/ cperrotta@otterbein.edu

Training Support
Cardinal Skills Builder
p/ 614.823.3100
e/ CardinalSkillsBuilder@otterbein.edu
Hoonuit On-line Training

Information Technology will never ask for your password. Manage your network password here..

Any emails of a suspicious nature should be forwarded to abuse@otterbein.edu or submitted as a helpdesk request. What is Phishing?

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