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PC Replacement and Recycling

PC Replacement Program

Otterbein University has standardized the PC Replacement program for desktop and laptop computing needs. Standardization of desktop/laptop units, effective life cycle management, and reducing the total cost of ownership for professional computing technology on campus are the main objectives for this program.

The PC Replacement Program was created to provide a replacement cycle for desktops and notebooks owned by Otterbein University. For every new computer allocated, an old computer must be removed from campus.

Technology Recycling

If you need to dispose of an old computer or other peripheral hardware, please don't throw it in the trash! Computer hardware contains lead and other toxic components. We urge you to adopt an Earth-friendly approach and dispose of your computer hardware in a more responsible manner.

Here are some links to help you recycle and reuse your hardware.

Central Ohio Disposal Options For residents of Franklin County.

Ohio EPA Guide to Computer & Electronics Waste Reduction and Recycling. Includes a list of technology recyclers.

Earth 911 A guide to computer recycling and reuse.

Otterbein University does not in any way endorse these organizations or companies, products or services. These listings are provided as a resource only.

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